Sunday, December 28, 2008

On this anniversary...

Yang, all of a sudden I've lost words to express what I've been rehearsing for the past few days... But I really want to wish us both...
happy anniversary Pictures, Images and Photos
...and let's cherish this song...that you used to dedicate to me some 14 years ago...which I can now use to represent what I feel deep down in my heart.
Why even think about
a second honeymoon...
...when there's no evidence
that we both have even
finished our first!
So Yang, let's go out and celebrate our first honeymoon on our 12th anniversary...!
p/s - Along, Ain and Apit...jangan nakal-nakal tinggal kejap dengan Uncle n Auntie kat rumah atas ya.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Roti Canai vs Roti Paratha

Sapa kata takda roti canai kat Dubai ni? Ada walaupun tak serupa. Doll, oooh you tempek gambar roti canai kat blog you nak kasi I jeles ya. Mentang-mentanglah sini susah nak dapat roti canai. Haa tengoklah roti canai Dubai ni...

Selepas 6 bulan tak dapat menikmati keenakan roti canai, last Friday dapat gak melepaskan rindu dendam. It isn't as delicious as Malaysian roti canai tapi boleh la, can do la. Tengok tu Apit siap buat 'peace' lagi, Along dan Ain pula menikmati roti canai sampai tak menoleh kiri kanan lagi dah...hmmm...

But people here call it 'paratha'. We had this 'paratha' at High Star Restaurant (a South Indian restaurant) which is just a walking distance from our apartment building. Kuah dal dia sedap walaupun chicken curry dia tak boleh lawan kari mamak kat Malaysia.

All this while, if we feel like eating roti canai we just bought this ready made 'paratha' from Carrefour. This one is made in Singapore but if we find 'paratha' Kawanku brand, we'd surely buy that one because it is made in Malaysia. Boleh la buat melepaskan rindu kat roti canai. Kalau cicah dengan kari sardin...fuhhh...sehingga menjilat jari!

This is what I found at Wikipedia :
Roti canai (pronounced "chanai," not "kanai") is a type of flatbread found in Malaysia, often sold in Mamak stalls. It is known as roti prata in Singapore, and is a close descendant of Kerala porotta.

p/s : Yang, if you can't afford to take me out for a candle-lite dinner or to expensive restaurants on our anniversary that's coming soon, it's ok. You bawa I ke High Star mamak restaurant ni makan roti canai pun dah ok. I don't mind as long as we can spend time together alone...or with the kids, I'd be happy. (Tapi hadiah handbag jenama XYZ tu I tetap nak gak. I tak kira). Peace. :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kekasihku Seru...thru YM

I will be right before my laptop by 8.00 pm every night. We talk every night. We discuss many things every night. I report to him about my well-being, our children. He asks me whether Along and Ain have done their homework or not. If it's a school holiday he'll ask if Along and Ain have read their books and done the exercises. He asks me about what each of the kids is doing. I'll report to him that Apit is playing power rangers or watching his favourite 'Chon de Sip' (Shaun the Sheep cartoon). Sometimes playing Spiderman, Ben 10 or jigsaw puzzle games at the laptop. Along is reading story books or playing kibagames at the laptop and Ain is engrossed with her drawing, sometimes also seen playing kibagames. He always asks if Apit has taken his shower (because this little Apit likes to play hide and seek with me when it comes to having shower..he he).

He wants to know what we eat for dinner and I'll ask him the same. I take pity on him everytime he tells me what he has for dinner - always a simple one. If only I were with him, I'll cook everything that he wants to eat.

We discuss about the good news and the bad news, about our finance, where to go for the weekend outing and what to do if not going out. Just now we even had dinner 'together' since the time there is just half an hour later than Dubai. I mean spiritually, not physically. He told me he was hungry and wanted to order a room service meal. I told him to let me know once the food arrived so that we could eat 'together'. So, when the food arrived he let me know and we did 'eat together'... he there alone and I am here with the kids.

We even quarrelled through YM...sometimes over jealousy. He knows most of my contacts in blogspot and most of them are female, no problem. But when talking about my contacts in Multiply, his claws are showing...sometimes. Many of them are of the opposite gender. There was a time when I blogged about a certain guy, he got quite mad but he never holds a grudge though. I've learned my lesson. I'd have to come down to earth. Similarly, I have jealousy on his fb things too. Well...anyway it takes two to tango!

Again I'd say thanks to the technology. We are far but yet so near. I always wonder what would have happened some 15 years ago if we had the same modern technology as it is now. One thing for sure, more than half of my scholarship would go to the mobile phone prepaid cards. Cannot imagine how much I'd have spent making long-distance calls to the US. Luckily there was no YM in Malaysia 15 years ago. Otherwise, I'd have been stucked to the computer spending most of my making assignments time YMing to the loved one overseas. I just feel like I'm once again on a long-distance love affair with him. The only difference is that I'm now accompanied by the three As - our offsprings.

Every 2 to 5 days a week, he'll be working there in Tehran.

A beautiful rose in winter in Tehran snapped by hubby.

My SIL said, quoted from somewhere, a rose in winter is a sign of true love found...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pancake...My Kids' Latest Crave

A pancake is frying in the pan the moment I'm writing this. I've prepared the batter, my ten-year old Along is helping me frying it.

We just had dinner an hour ago but Along, Ain and Apit want to eat pancakes. This winter could have caused their metabolism rate to be higher than usual he he.

This pancake recipe is the best I've ever tried so far - the simplest but yet delicious. It's much tastier and fluffier than the ready made one bought from a supermaket especially when you eat it hot yumm... You've got to try it to believe it...



1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil /melted shortening

1/2 cup chocolate chip (optional)


Heat your frying pan. No need butter if it's a non-stick pan. Mix all the ingredients (except choc chips) together in a mixer @ food processor @ even simple blender. Mix in choc chips if using. Pour a scoopful over the pan. Cook 1 minute each side. Ready to eat.....
(Thank you drNO for the recipe :-) )
* I just use a whisk instead of a mixer or a blender. The choc chips, I sprinkle onto the pancake instead of mixing them in the batter.

You'll get 9 pieces of cute little pancakes from this recipe in just half an hour. Worth trying.

As for my family, they like their pancakes to be served with :
Hubby - peanut butter
Along - with choc chips, butter with pancake syrup, Hershey's syrup, Nutella and milo.
Apit and Ain - with choc chips and milo.
Yours truly - butter with pancake syrup and Nutella.

This pancake is not only suitable for breakfast but also for tea and supper. For Along, Ain, Apit and their father, they'd like to have it bila-bila teragak aje. Lately, they even want me to make it almost everyday. Even so, Along and Ain don't want to bring this pancake in their lunchbox to school because they said...dah sejuk kurang umphh.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Kekasihku Seru...layannnnnn...

For the past one week, I had been 'busy'....being hooked up on TV3. I mean TV3 online ( What a true wonderful satisfaction watching your favourite series back-to-back with no disturbance, no distracting commercials whatsoever. That explains why I could finish watching Kekasihku Seru - all the 13 episodes in just one and a half days. (Could've finished all the 13 episodes in just one day if not for the fear of having a 'sleepless' night in horror he he). Most interesting of all, I don't have to wait for the following week to watch the next episode.
Staying abroad doesn't mean you will miss all the Malay drama or your favourite series back home or Cerekarama etc. Thanks to the technology! This online TV website enables us to catch up on the latest shows. Takda la rindu nak tengok citer Melayu. Looking at the comments from viewers, we know that the viewers are Malaysians not only from Malaysia but all over the world. With the advancement of technology, a distance is no barrier!

Kekasihku Seru, a-must-watch scary series, is full of horror and suspense. I can't help but feel proud to see an improvement in the Malay horror drama. Directed by the well-reputed Kabir Bhatia, this one can beat some of Hollywood scary movies. And now, Puaka Niyang Rapik - the new horror series replacing Kekasihku Seru. Have never missed watching it every week.

Buletin Utama is another program I watch - if not everyday, once in a while. However, I prefer catching up on the latest news through the online newspapers (especially NST and Berita Harian, sometimes Utusan) and some blogs. Not to forget Melodi - I also want to be updated with the latest gossips in Malaysia he he...You can't expect me to dwell upon political and economical issues all the time.
TV9 online is another one I've been hooked up with. Bong, is the comedy series my kids and I enjoy the most. We've managed to watch all the 13 episodes from Season 3 and another 13 from Season 4 in just two days' time ha ha ha. We love watching the two small kids, Aiman (played by Shafimie "Hikayat Putera Shazlan" and Chah (played by Mysara "Drama Ramadhan Rafik"). When I googled about this series, apparently it has won The Best Comedy Series in Anugerah Skrin 2007. No wonder, it's so entertaining.
That's the answer to my 'absence' from a week blogging. :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hubby's Potato Salad and My Aunt's Daging Dendeng

Some friends asked me for a recipe of Potato Salad after they tried our Potato Salad during our picnic last October. They seem to like it. To tell you all the truth, it's my hubby's spontaneous recipe ikut suka-suka hati. Alhamdulillah if our friends like it. Since it's hubby's recipe, go check for the recipe in hubby's entry here.

In Malaysia during raya, we've never missed going to my Aunt's house in Kuala Sg Baru, Melaka. Apart from being the closest auntie to our family, we go there for her delectable Daging Dendeng. This year, no more Aunt's Dendeng, only the recipe that was sent to me he he. Being away from home, I have no other reason but to cook it myself as hubby and I like it so much. So, here's the recipe, with no modification, exactly like what my Aunt gave:

Daging Dendeng



Cili kering - dikisar

Bawang merah (banyak) - dikisar

Bawang putih (sedikit) - dikisar

Halia - dikisar

Kicap masin

Air asam (perah dengan sedikit air rebusan daging)


*Garam dan serbuk perasa tidak perlu sebab dah guna kicap masin. (I tambah sikit kicap manis semestinya kicap Kipas Udang :-) )


  1. Daging dipotong agak besar (ketul). Rebus hingga hamper empuk. Toskan. Setelah sejuk, hiris nipis dan perap dengan kicap selama 3 jam.
  2. Bila dah siap diperap, goreng daging tersebut hingga agak garing dan angkat. Goreng daging saja, lebihan kicap perapan simpan bila masak nanti.
  3. Tumis cili kering, bawang merah, bawang putih dan halia kisar tadi hingga garing.
  4. Setelah itu, masukkan daging yang telah digoreng tadi, air asam, gula, kicap lebihan perap dan tambah lagi kicap lain. Masak hingga sebati.

Yang bestnya, resepi my Aunt bagi ni takda sukatan. Biasa la kan orang tua-tua, mak-mak kita yang dah terror masak tu tak main sukatan-sukatan ni. So, I yang not so pandai masak ni main ikut logik sesedap rasa dan ikut sukati-sukati je la.Orang kata bubuh serai sikit supaya lebih sedap, so I did. Memang lagi ummph. Orang kata lagi, daging dendeng nak sedap kena tumbuk-tumbukkan sedikit, the step which I think my Aunt has probably forgotten to include here. And so I did, memang lagi lembut la. Tapi I tak pasti tumbuk selepas direbus dan dihiris ke atau selepas digoreng. So, I pun ikut sesedap rasa tumbuk lepas digoreng.

Bila check resepi Daging Dendeng dalam internet, ada pelbagai versi yang kebanyakannya lebih kurang sama, ada juga yang bahan-bahannya lain sikit. Tapi yang pasti, dagingnya ditumbuk selepas direbus dan dihiris, iaitu sebelum digoreng.

(These are pics of Daging Dendeng from my own kitchen, not from the internet ok).

* This recipe of Daging Dendeng from my Aunt is highly recommended as it is very, very easy and most importanty has been proven to be very, very delicious! (part menumbuk daging dalam lesung tu je yang leceh sikit). Yang pasti, kawan-kawan yang dah merasa masa raya puasa dan raya haji hari tu sukakannya Alhamdulillah dan siap minta resepi. So, apa lagi SELAMAT MENCUBA!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Guests From Malaysia

We had guests today, hubby's colleague from SONY Malaysia with wife, who dropped by on their way back from hollidaying in London. They were not long here as they arrived at 2.50 am this morning and left our house at around 3.00 pm the same day. Even though their next flight was scheduled at 3.00 am the next morning, they left early in order to be able to explore and take photos of the city of Dubai and Mall of the Emirates. We really wished we could make a very good tourist guide for the couple this whole day, however, keadaan tak mengizinkan for us at the moment. Luckily, Dubai is nothing new to Mr Abu as he used to come here a few times before for a biztrip.

Since it was still raya haji mood, I served them nasi impit with kuah lodeh, sambal tumis ikan bilis and peanut gravy for breakfast, plus some pancakes and caramel pudding for dessert. However, the breakfast turned out to be lunch as our guests still had jet lag and needed more rest I suppose.

So, this is the peanut gravy which I cooked for the first time in my life (he he...) using my mom's recipe, texted to me by my sis Angah last Eid ul Fitr but only yesterday I got the opportunity to try it. Hubby said ada rasa macam Mak punya. I rasa pun hmm ok gak for a first timer though I still think macam ada yang kurang lagi. Takpa...practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eid ul Adha Potluck on the Rooftop of Al Attar Escala, The New Gold Souk, Dubai

In Malaysia, Eid ul Adha is usually not celebrated as grand as Eid ul Fitr especially in the west coast. However here in Dubai, the celebration of Eid ul Adha among Malaysians is almost as joyful as Eid ul Fitr. We do have open houses and visit other Malaysians' houses. The dishes served are as splendid as during Eid ul Fitr.

During the last Eid ul Fitr, we spent most of the days visiting other Malaysians' houses. However for this Eid ul Adha, as planned, we celebrate it with fellow Malaysians by the swimming pool on the rooftop of this Al Attar Escala apartment. There are only three families - our family, Amin & Laila and Razi, the 'bujang sementara' who's brought here his family from Malaysia during the school holidays. The rest are all orang-orang bujang and 'bujang sementara'.

So at 1.30pm Monday afternoon, we were on the rooftop gathering and eating the special raya dishes joyously.

We occupied the pondok there when other mat sallehs were seen sunbathing nearby. Bujang-bujang tu siap pasang bendera Malaysia...wah bangganya. While Laila, Norita (my guest) and I were preparing the table and food, the men killed the time puffing cigarettes and chit-chatting.

The food is ready...Razi's family brought nasi impit, rendang, spaghetti and fruit cocktail pudding, Laila prepared peanut gravy, two types of salad and also nasi impit. As for us, hubby cooked his speciality mihun soto and begedil, I made daging dendeng to be eaten with lemang Nona, roti jala and chicken curry and also puding dadih strawberi. The 'bujangs' brought a few types of drinks. teh tarik la he he.

We were so hungry...apa lagi sesi makan pun bermula soon after hubby recited some du'a. All this while, I only met 4 or 5 Malaysians in this apartment building. However today, I realized that there are more than 20 of us including 6 kids. Ramai juga rupanya.

Ain and Apit wanted to have a swim in the pool but they were clad in baju kurung and baju Melayu. So, main air je la. At about 3.15pm, we all pun bersiap-siap packing things and put chairs and tables back at their places, bujang-bujang tu cabut balik bendera yang they all bawa dan simpan for the next occasion. Before leaving, not to forget sesi mentapau makanan yang paling meriah especially amongst the bujangs he he...We feel happy that we could share this special raya dishes with all the bujangs because most of them seldom cook for raya. Cuma ada sorang bujang tu yang rajin masak nasi impit walaupun 'rendang'nya di beli at the nearest mamak stall.

That night, we received an invitation to Amali and Zarina's house which is a just a walking distance to our apartment. We were served with plenty of Johore special dihes - rendang daging, chicken curry, lemang Nona, nasi impit, fried mixed vege, rojak buah and desserts...hhmmm all were delicious. Nak balik, Zarina siapkan bekalkan our family and Razi's family with nasi impit and rendang daging sedap dia. Alhamdulillah rezeki, thank you so much kepada tuan rumah yang pemurah ni.

p/s - Moi and family, thank you so much for the invitation tapi our makan-makan time coincided that afternoon. And to Nik and family, thanks for the invitation but we got your message a day late! Takpa la, lagipun we had another invitation nearby that night. InsyaAllah, next time we all datang beraya rumah you all ya. :-))

Monday, December 08, 2008

Eid ul Adha

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Happy Eid ul Adha to our beloved parents in Port Dickson and Rembau, our sisters and brothers with families, all relatives and Muslim friends in Malaysia, Dubai and other parts of the world.

p/s - Setakat pukul 1.30 pagi Isnin, lemang Nona telah pun siap direbus, daging dendeng dah siap masak dalam kuali, kari ayam untuk roti jala pun dah ready, kuah soto dah siap masak, kicap cili telah siap di blend dan begedil pun telah siap digentel. Dessert pun tak ketinggalan...puding dadih perisa strawberry hhmmm...So, Atuk-atuk, Nenek, Wan dan semua ahli keluarga, tak perlu risau sebab insyaAllah kitorang kat sini dapat juga menjamah juadah hari raya sama macam kat Malaysia. Errr...rendang negori.....????

Tengahari nanti semua warga Malaysia di New Gold Souk ini akan ber pot-luck jamuan raya bersama-sama di tepi kolam renang at the rooftop of our apartment building. Can't wait... :-)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Milo Pancake, Pengat Keledek, A Landslide

Just got this pancake recipe from drNO. Thanks so much drNO for sharing it in your blog. It's not a Chocolate Rice Pancake like you did. I didn't have chocolate rice in my kitchen so, I modified a bit by sprinkling milo instead on the pancake which my kids love so much. I find that this pancake tastes much nicer than the recipe I always use. We had this for breakfast.

The other picture is Pengat Keledek which I made about 2 hours ago not long after reading another friend's (Wardah) blog. She made Pengat Keledek and it looks so hhmm...yummy. Being away from home is not the reason not to cook this Malay dessert. It happened that I had sweet potato in my kitchen so, in less than an hour...not only we could eat it, it's already in my blog he he.

We had a picnic this afternoon by the swimming pool at the rooftop of our apartment building. What makes the picnic more special is that hubby cooked his speciality Meatball Spaghetti today...which means a 'half day' off for this domestic engineer...yesss hi hi. It's cold and breezy on the rooftop as our apartment building is located near the Arabian Gulf. The kids were shivering once coming out of the heated pool and still were while eating their favourite spahetti.

Just now, I texted my sis Angah asking for a recipe for Rendang Negori. Nak minta dari mak mertuo malu sebab sebelum ni tak pernah nak belajar he he he. Sebelum ni, balik Rombau tau makan yoo hi hi. Angah texted me the recipe and also told me she was watching Buletin Utama about the landslide that has buried 4 lives and 14 houses (the moment I'm writing this).

Right away, I caught up on the latest news from NST online, the Star online and Utusan online. So sorry to the family of the victims. Also the family who had lost two daughters in the landslide at Ulu Yam Perdana a few days earlier. Regret that 'people' seem not to learn from the past mistakes, mistakes in 1993 when almost the same mishap happened at the same area. Al-Fatihah to arwah Saiful Khas and the two sisters.

p/s -. Hubby did text to his Adik too asking him to ask his mom how to cook Rendang Negori. Kalau jadi nanti, masuk dalam blog. Kalau takda gambar Rendang Negori sehari dua lepas raya haji ni, maksudnya tak jadi la tu hi hi...Better late than never, right.

Friday, December 05, 2008

My Observation...Arab, 'Cekodok' Arab, 'Lempeng' Arab dan Wanita Arab Bertopeng

Parents were welcomed to attend the UAE 37th National Day celebration at Raffles International School Last Monday. If only schools in Malaysia also welcome parents to attend their National Day celebration... which as far as I'm concerned, they never.

I could see that the number of parents attending the ceremony is almost as large as the number of nannies. The parents present were mostly the non-Arabs. The Arabs who couldn't attend just sent their nannies. Correct me if I'm wrong but from my observation, bangsa Arab ni merupakan bangsa yang suka menjadi tuan. Sampaikan hantar anak ke kelas dan jemput anak ke kereta pun nanny diorang yang buat. Itu baru nanny, yang maid buat kerja-kerja rumah pula lain. Ada ramai juga the Arab mothers yang datang tapi dalam part menjaga anak-anak tu nanny yang buat. Diorang dok bersembang sesama Arab dengan kaca mata dan beg-beg tangan berjenama yang dipegang secara 'amat ketara' sekali. (he he minta mahap la orang Arab, this is only my observation).

Ini gambar-gambar sekitar sambutan National Day kat sekolah Along dan Ain, Raffles IS. From left clockwise: Pic 1 - tempat duduk disediakan for parents sambil makan-makan, 2- the mascots, 3- the free henna painting, 4- the man is Raffles IS President from Spore, the mat salleh lady is the newly appointed Principal who will start her service in the next term in January and next to her, the present Acting Principal, 5- kids love this magic show, and pic 6- the interesting Youla dance

These are among the very interesting loooking desserts served for students and parents. Nampak cantik tapi rasa biasa-biasa je, tak boleh lawan kuih-muih tradisional Melayu. Tapi syukur Alhamdulillah makanan mewah hari tu, siap dengan the famous nasi mandy and laham (lamb) lagi. lah dia cekodok Arab (gambar atas kanan tu). Macam jemput-jemput yang kita selalu buat tu tapi ianya dimakan dengan dicurah madu ke atasnya. Rasanya...hmm macam cucur lemak manis Adabi, ok la.

Yang bawah tu pula lempeng Arab (yet to find the exact name). Tepung dia dan cara membuatnya macam buat tepung popia. Lumur tepung yang telah dibancuh tu atas kuali panas menggunakan tangan, kalau siapa pernah tengok orang buat tepung popia mesti tau. Lepas tu, diratakan telur sebiji atasnya dan diikuti dengan cheese (the bite size tu). Angkat dan dilipat empat. Rasanya...rasa telur je dan tawar. Tapi syukur lah dapat gak merasa makanan tradisional Arab ni walaupun tak tau apa ke namanya.

However, what attracted me most is these two makciks Arab. I wonder what they are's a face mask tapi takda kain penutup cuma rangka-rangka je. I got to know this kind of Arab women can also be found at Heritage Village (one of the tourist spots in Dubai) also doing the same 'cekodok' and 'lempeng'. Orang kata orang Badwi. So, I googled to fulfil my curiosity. I typed 'badwi' keluar nama Pak Lah, pastu google image 'badwi', keluar lak muka PM kita tu ishh...Then, I typed 'bedouin women' barulah dapat. Not stated whether they are really bedouin or not but this Burka is commonly worn by the Arab women of the older generation. Some article refer to Burka as the black robe they are wearing and some refer to it as the black robe as well as the face mask. So, I'm still not sure. Can someone who knows better enlighten me on this?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Week Summary - Thu (Nov 27) - Wed (Dec 3)

I've not been actively blogging for exactly a week. All my three kids have caught a cold and I've been tirelessly tending them. Here are the updates for the past one week.

Thursday (Nov 27) - Apit Has Caught A Cold This Time

Siannya Apit...he has caught a cold after his two sis got it. Atuk-atuk, Nenek dan Wan mesti kesian tengok muka Apit masa tengah demam ni. Mana taknya...muka dia monyok dan mata kuyu je. All this while he'd been the most active and cheerful of all the three As. Ibu lagi susah hati kalau Apit demam sebab bujang sorang ni susah betul nak makan ubat. Ayah dia je pandai paksa dia makan ubat he he.

Ain went to school today after 4 days being absent. Today she was alone as Along was still having a cold. When she got back, we noticed that she came back without her red school bag. When hubby asked her, she said, beg tinggal kat sekolah kat bus waiting area...

Friday (Nov 28) - To Dubai Outlet Mall

Having a cold doesn't mean we have to stay at home and just lie down in bed. We need some fresh air and an outing would be nice for a good air circulation...that's what hubby said.

So, off we went to Outlet Mall as hubby wanted to get himself a pair of Skechers to replace his most faithful old Skechers that have served him for almost 15 years. He bought that pair when he just arrived in the States in 1993 and is still wearing it till now ! Unlucky for him that he didn't find one that suited him. Instead, Apit got a pair of Skechers to replace his old Nike. We bought that Nike also at this Outlet Mall two weeks after we arrived in Dubai about 6 and a half months ago and now, it's become too small for Apit. Usually, we'd choose to buy inexpensive shoes for our kids because kids are growing very fast. We feel that it's not worth buying for them expensive ones as they can only last for a few months. What a waste. But for the one and only Apit, Ayah doesn't mind...hmm.

Saturday (Nov 29) - To Burjuman

Dubai Shopping Festival has started but we came to this shopping mall just to jalan-jalan cuci mata. Very attractive discounts could be seen here and there but none could attract us as we are aware that this mall houses all international retail brands. We know it's just not 'our place' for shopping he he.

After performing Maghrib prayer at the 'unisex' prayer room, we had dinner at The Noodle House. Just wanted to try because people say there are Malaysian foods here or at least foods that suit Malaysian taste. Yes, it's true. So, we had a taste of curry laksa, tom yam and egg fried rice. Hubby wanted to try Nasi Goreng Kampung because it is his favourite. Looking at the price 40dhs, hubby said...takpa la I pun boleh buat kat rumah. Lagi sedap dari ni. (Mind you 1dhs is almost equal to RM1). Nasib baik food nya boleh tahan sedap especially its dessert Mango Pudding with vanilla ice-cream, rasa worth it la juga paying xxxdhs for our dinner that day.

Afetr dinner, we went Magrudy's bookstore as planned. Along, Ain and Apit bought a story book each. Ibu also got herself another novel yayy. These pics were taken while we were queuing up for a taxi. While Ain and Apit were so engrossed in their reading, Along was fatigued by her flu that she was just sitting there doing nothing which was not her usual acts.

Sunday (Nov 30) - Ain Got Back Her School Bag...he he

Along went to school today although she was still having flu. She had to come as the next day she would be performing Arabic Dance for UAE National Day Asembly at her school. I didn't want her to miss the rehearsal.

Ain came back from school today with her lost red school bag! When I asked her where she found the bag, she replied, Tak tau. Memang ada kat locker tempat beg Ain kat dalam kelas tu. (Bertuah punya budak...)

Monday (Dec 1) - Along Danced A Traditional Arabic Dance at Raffles IS National Day Celeb

Along and Ain joined in the celebration of UAE 37th National Day at her school level. Along took part in the traditional Arabic dance, a very interesting colourful performance . She is the fifth from left.

To see Along performing Arabic dance on youtube, click here.

Ain didn't take part in the performance but she became the girl volunteer from her class to answer some quizzes on UAE. Bravo. She gave the correct answer and was happy rewarded a prize for it.

On this day, all the students had to wear either UAE national costume or an outfit with the colours of UAE national flag - black, white, green and red. Ain put on a green t-shirt, black jeans, white shoes and socks and a red jacket while Along was already in her Arabic dance costume.

(More updates on this in my next entry)

Along's very interesting Arabic dance performance failed to lure Apit to join in the fun. He was just lying on the chairs as he was still having a bad cold. Apit cakap...Apit tak raraat...Syiannya Syayang Apit.

Tuesday (Dec 2) - UAE 37th National Day Celebration

There were lots of activities and interesting programs held in the UAE to celebrate its 37th National Day. But transport has always been our limitation to go here and there. So, we just stayed at home and in the evening walked to Choitram for some grocery.

Wednesday (Dec 3) - Happy To See The Kids Are Recovering

Syukur Alhamdulillah...Along, Ain and Apit are recovering from the seasonal flu now. It's good to see Apit playing power rangers again after a few days this power rangers has been sick.

And Alhamdulillah, sempat juga Ibu khatam 2 novel ni sambil berjaga malam masa seminggu lebih Along, Ain and Apit demam. One English novel and one Malay novel. Am finishing the third one, another English novel just bought at Magrudy.