Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I hear thunder...

It's drizzling in Dubai the moment I'm writing this. I've missed rain so much since I came here last summer. I went out to the balcony stretching out my hands and I could feel very tiny drops of water falling on my hands. feels so good. No wonder we could hear thunder just now. Eh no, I can hear thunder now. Loud ones.

This is the second one, the first was on Sunday (Nov 16) when the skies in Dubai opened up to bring light showers to Dubai and also other parts of the UAE. I didn't realize when actually it rained that Sunday or Saturday night. I was sending Along and Ain down to the lobby early that morning to take their school bus when we were greeted by a new cloud cover of Dubai, the fresh air and of course the wet ground. The smell of rain hhmm...I missed this! The rain, which had brought down the temperature to a minimum of 21 degree C, was followed by a sandstorm that evening. Again, I was safe and sound hibernating in my apartment and not knowing what was happening outside there. This one I've never experienced. I hope I get to experience it one day.

It's the beginning of winter in Dubai. Ain has had fever since last Sunday (Nov 23). Ain was given a two-day MC but until today she is still not fit enough to go to school. Along just had it yesterday. So, since yesterday I had to tend to both of them. At night, had to keep checking on their body temperature while they were sleeping. Although they're no longer babies, I'm so worried the temperature might go up drastically which could bring bad consequences. I've had sleepless nights these few days. For the kids, I don't mind.

Just now, Apit was in a bad mood. When I took him in my arms, oh no...a nasty temperature. Worse still, he refused to be given medicine, Ain's medicine. Seems like another sleepless episode for me tonight...

Could it be due to the weather changes? Probably. It's seasonal ailments that are brought in by change in weather.

p/s - What if the mother is having fever? I'm not going to ask who's going to take care of me. Instead, I'm going to ask who's going to take care of the kids..especially when the father is not around??

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov 21...happy birthday to me

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I have pictures of my hubby and all my three kids either cutting a birthday cake or blowing out the candles. But I just can't find any of my pics in the same acts. :( There is none. I guess I'd have to stop being the photographer most of the time.

p/s - To all dear friends in Malaysia and in the UK who have sent me birthday wishes (up to now 1.30 in the morning...) via FB, email or sms, thank you very very much. I really appreciate it. I've received the birthday wishes as early as 2 days ago. To my dear Principal, thanks so much for being the first to wish me today. That's very sweet of you. :) Dearest hubby is jealous because he couldn't be the first to wish me happy birthday today...hi hi.
p/s - I wonder what hubby has for me. Let's check it out here...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kelebihan dan kelemahan lahir bulan November...


banyak idea dalam sesuatu perkara
otak dan pemikiran yang sangat tajam
cara berfikir lain dari orang lain
berfikiran kehadapan, unik dan bijak
banyak berfikir, kurang bercakap tetapi mesra
penuh dengan idea-idea baru yang luar biasa
sukar untuk dimengertikan atau difahami sikapnya

perangai tidak dapat diramal dan mudah berubah-rubah
sifat yang berahsia, pandai mencungkil dan mencari rahsia
amanah, jujur, setia dan pandai berahsia
daya firasat sangat halus dan tinggi
bagus sebagai doktor
cermat dan teliti
personaliti dinamik
tidak hargai pujian
bercita-cita tinggi
terlalu degil dan keras hati
apabila hendak akan diusahakan sehingga berjaya
sangat rajin dan berkemampuan tinggi
kekuatan semangat dan daya juang yang tinggi kepada sesuatu kehendak
pandai mendorong diri sendiri
berani, pemurah, setia dan banyak kesabaran
mudah ambil berat terhadap orang lain
tak suka marah kecuali tergugat
pandai muhasabah diri
tidak pasti dengan imbangan kasih sayang
suka duduk di rumah
tidak berapa berjaya dalam mengawal emosi

Taken from : (Thank you Ummi Afifah)

p/s - Do not know how far it is true but many seem to be true. Could be a coincidence...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


19 NOVEMBER 2008 - Our one and only precious son, AHMAD AFIQ HILMY BIN HAZA HILMY has turned FOUR today.

Since all our babies are caeserean ones, getting the third one was my last chance. Thus, Ibu and Ayah had to really keep our fingers crossed hoping that the third one would be an 'Ahmad', since we've got 2 'Nurs' already.

Of course la Ayah Ibu berusaha keras he he. Orang kata banyakkan makan sea food dan kurangkan makan asam, so Ayah Ibu buat la (masa tu belum belajar tentang bikarbonat... ;) ). Di samping tu, amalkan doa tertentu untuk dapatkan anak lelaki. Doa tu Ayah bacakan setiap kali lepas solat Maghrib dan usap kat perut Ibu semasa Apit 3 bulan dalam kandungan (kalau tak silap...sebab masa tu roh telah ditiupkan ke dalam janin). Syukur Alhamdulillah berkat usaha dan doa, akhirnya keluar juga seorang Ahmad...Ahmad Afiq Hilmy.

Ayah dan Ibu bersyukur sangat-sangat, tu yang buat kenduri aqiqah dan kesyukuran sampai tumbang lembu seekor. Sebab memang dah pasang niat kalau dapat 'Ahmad', buat kenduri berkongsi dan sedekah makanan dengan saudara mara, jiran tetangga serta anak-anak yatim.

Semoga Ahmad Afiq Hilmy menjadi seorang anak yang soleh, berilmu, berjasa dan menyejukkan hati Ibu dan Ayah, serta hati semua. Amin.

The thought of not going to have another baby makes me feel that I just do not want Apit to grow too fast. I feel like I always want him to be a baby forever...although I know that is impossible.

For more of Apit's stories and lovely pics, refer to his Ayah's entry here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday (15.11.08) When the kids have become 'gila lensa'...

It felt so good strolling in the breezy evening. We were on the way to Al Rais Shopping Centre which was situated opposite Al Khaleej Centre. Hubby had to do some currency exchange at Al Ansari there. Along, Ain and Apit were all prepared with a sweater each in case it was as cold as the night before on the rooftop. Apit and Ain especially enjoyed the evening stroll. Just look at their pics above. Sempat posing sambil jalan.

The kids were attracted to this very colourful and attractive spot. Since Ibu starts blogging, the three As have also become gila lensa...ha ha. As if they understand Ibu likes to insert their pics in her blog. So, apa lagi posing la...

Ibu and Ayah would also want to be gila lensa...he he. Sekali-sekala...

We crossed Mankhool road afterwards to go to Spinneys as we had some groceries to buy. On the way back, Maghrib azan was heard. Afraid we might not be able to perform Maghrib prayer once we reached home, we stopped by Al Rolla mosque to perform the prayer. Here, the prayer will usually start half an hour after the azan. By doing so, more people will be able to get pahala sembahyang jemaah. One good thing I could observe was that the Muslims in the vicinity would rush to the mosque once they heard the call of prayer including taxi drivers, a scene seldom seen back in our country.

Along, Ain and Apit were enjoying the brownies bought from Spinneys while waiting for Ayah. Ayah and Ibu had shawarma and a cup of tea bought from Bin Awardh in front of the mosque for a simple dinner, a spicy one for Ibu and Along, and an ordinary one for Ayah. By the time we finished eating, Isya' azan was heard and hubby performed Isya' prayer before walking back. The way back that night was not as breezy and cooling as it was in the evening.

p/s - All the pics were shot using my old Nokia 6111 and hubby's Sony Ericson SEP1i. Berat la nak usung kamera.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday (14.11.08) - Suatu Petang Di Atas Bumbung...

As Friday is a holiday, we always think of a way to make the kids happy. This time, we took them up to the rooftop of our apartment building Al Attar Escala. See...there are lots of exciting family activities that we can do kat atas bumbung ni...

The swimming pool has always been Along, Ain and Apit's favourite place. Since this place we're staying is situated by the seaside and near Port Rashid, it's cold and breezy especially kat atas bumbung ni. No more scorching hot sun of Dubai as it is the beginning of winter. Rasa macam kat Cameron Highlands pula...syoknya. But the water in the pool is very cold that we couldn't dare to dip ourselves in it. So, we just spent the time in the jacuzzi since the water is slightly warm. Patut la mat salleh-mat salleh kat situ pun sunbathing je.

That was not the only activity. We brought Along, Ain and Apit to another favourite place of theirs, the children's playground nearby. During summer, it was very dusty in the playground. That's why we seldom bring them here. But today it was just nice. So, the three As apa lagi...

Pastu, pegi favourite place Ayah pula he he. Ayah seldom comes here as he is always busy at work or outstation. Tapi sesekali dah berada kat sini, bukan aje Ayah yang seronok main pool, Apit pun sibuk nak main sama walaupun batang pool tu lebih panjang dari dia hi hi...cute je. 8 has always been my lucky number (kebetulan...) and 9 is hubby's favourite number.

Before we 'climbed down', hubby snapped a few photos from the rooftop. Selalu melihat ke atas, sekali sekala seronok gak melihat ke bawah...Interesting, isn't it?

That night, again we climbed up to the rooftop to savour the night view from the top of Al Attar Escala. Except for hubby (who has a lot of hidden fat inside he he), the kids and me had to put on a sweater. It feels like at night in Cameron Highlands. Sangat nyaman dan mententeramkan berada di atas bumbung ni pada waktu malam especially when it is in early winter. Eh eh Uncle Amin dan Auntie Laila pun ada la, diorang selalu naik kat atas bumbung ni waktu malam rupanya...romantik gitu berdua-duaan.

We've made up our mind that we are going to stay here until hubby finishes his contract in another one and a half or two years' time. We have no reason to move out of this place as we like it here. We can have our family recreation without having to spend a lot of money. Most important of all, our kids are happy here.

p/s - Syukur Alhamdulillah...walaupun Ibu Ayah belum dapat nak bawa Along, Ain dan Apit pegi Burj Al Arab untuk ambil gambar tunjuk-tunjuk waktu malam atau pegi makan ikan bakar kat Jumeirah waktu malam tapi Alhamdulillah Along, Ain dan Apit happy. Harap Along, Ain dan Apit faham. Kita belum seswai pegi tempat-tempat macam tu. Sebab kita takda keta (lagi).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Luck For SPM! all form 5 students

Today, 11th November 2008, is the first day of SPM examination in all secondary schools in Malaysia. Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah papers start it all. Thank you Pn Basinah (my dear ex-Principal) for informing me through an email. So, all the best to all my dear Form Five students whom I left since June 2008. May you all get flying colours results (including for the subject I taught for just a few months). I believe you all are able to! I'll surely pray for your success from afar.

Also, all the very best of luck for SPM to my niece, Ayu, in Melaka. Along, Ain and Apit say good luck to you.

Tahun ni tak kena jaga periksa SPM (invigilating) because I'm on a far, far away desertland. Fuhh...selamat...ha ha ha... Well, it's not that bad actually. I'd prefer invigilating for SPM rather than just staying at home for 1 1/2 months school holidays. I get to know many new friends, teachers from other schools. To all my colleagues in school, selamat mengawasi peperiksaan SPM. Bekerja dengan ikhlas ya kawan-kawan...banyak dapat pahala. And soon after that, have to start marking SPM scripts. Again, I am spared the headache of marking essays this year. Aaah legaaa... Tak yah nak pening-pening kepala, migrain burning the midnight oil.

At this time around in November last year, I was busy marking the final exam scripts and preparing the final exam marks for all the classes I taught. Being a class teacher, I had to key in marks for all subjects, prepare the class mark sheet and report cards and 001 cards, and what not...In November this year, I'm here...hoyea...hoyea...enjoying myself before the laptop la la la la...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Macam-macam Apit...

For the whole last week hubby was around, no outstation to Tehran. Only on Tuesday, he had to fly to Tehran for a day monthly meeting. When Ayah was around Apit apa la cara Apit bermanja dengan Ayah...hi hi

Pastu bila Ayah ada kat rumah, kalau tak dapat apa yang dia nak, dia merajuk lebih sikit dari biasa...

Picturte 1 - Apit cembeng sebab Ayah tak bagi dia makan ais krim. He didn't cry aloud, just a silent one but his face shows that he's really sad...hi hi

Picture 2 - 4 - Dia nak ratah milo tapi Ayah tak bagi. So, dia merajuklah nak tarik perhatian Ayah Ibu. Mula- dia merajuk kat depan bilik, pastu dia beralih merajuk kat belakang kerusi tu sebab kat situ Ayah Ibu could see him clearly...hik hik

The biggest picture - Picture of Apit eating milo. Ayah Ibu tak sampai ati tengok dia majuk so, he got what he so much wanted. Last picture, tersengih puas...

Ayah just flew off to Tehran this morning and will be there until Thursday. As usual, at night Ibu will chat with Ayah through YM. This is when Ibu reports to Ayah about Along, Ain and Apit. Sometimes feels like zaman cintan-cintun dulu pulak hi hi hi. Melepaskan rindu through YM...jauh di mata dekat di hati. Thanks to the technology. Besides Along and Ain, Apit would also want to chat with Ayah (Apit kata 'chit'...he he).

The first row - Apit's pics chatting with Ayah...Walaupun Apit cuma tulis "addfsfffffffffffffff" ataupun main smiley je, Ayah dah cukup rasa terhibur, dapat lepaskan rindu kat Apit. That's how Apit communicates with Ayah.

Second and third row - Apit tengah main kibagames. Ibu terkejut masa Along n Ain pegi sekolah, tiba2 tengok Apit tengah main kibagames. Macam mana dia tau nak on kan laptop and click on kibagames, Ibu pun tak tau...anak zaman IT.

Kalau Ayah takda pegi Iran, Apit punya aktiviti berjalan macam biasa...main, main dan main sampai penat. Dia main sorang2 pun ok asalkan dia happy. Probably he has his own imaginary friends to play with...Atuk2, Nenek, Wan, Mak Long, Mak Ngah and all cousins, tengoklah Apit tengah main 'kombat-kombat' ni...hi hi hi

Setelah penat bertarung main 'kombat-kombat' atau main power rangers, Apit pun apa lagi....ZZzzzzzzz...zzzzzz...tak yah susah2 nak tidokan dia.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

As Parents of Raffles IS Students...

These are the things I do everyday concerning my girls who are studying at Raffles IS...

1). Going To and Coming Back From School

Everyday I have to accompany Along and Ain waiting for their school bus at the lobby downstairs. Most of the time carrying the sleepy Apit . Ya la takkan nak tinggalkan dia tido sorang-sorang kat dalam rumah unless the father is around. At 3.15 - 3.30 pm, I have to wait for Along and Ain downstairs to make sure they get down from the school bus safely. Here, if the kids go to school by bus, they mustn't be left unguarded for both the waiting for or getting down from the bus. What's interesting here is...if they are late in the morning, the school bus will wait. The bus will also wait until parents arrive before letting the kids get down from the bus. Ya la kan...what's the 8000 dhs per year per student for if not for the waiting...he he

2). Everyday Homework

Ini baru homework Ain yang Grade 1 tu, belum lagi homework Along yang Grade 4. Along pun everyday ada homework at least one. So far the most given homework is for the subjects English and Maths. That's fine. When they come back to Malaysia, these two are also important subjects to be learned.

3). Reading Journal

Picture 1 - Along (pink) and Ain's (green) reading journals that I or their father has to check and sign everyday.

Picture 2 - The reading journal's entry. Everyday from Sunday until Thursday Along and Ain have to record the pages/book/article that they have read. Ibu or Ayah's duty is to check whether they really read and then sign. Sometimes I even ask Along and Ain to narrate to me what they have read. Every Thursday, the teacher will check and sign.

Picture 3 - Among the story books that Along has read, either on loan from the school library or own personal book.

Picture 4 - One of the books that Ain reads for her reading journal, on loan from the school library.

4). Reading with Ain/for Spelling Test

Once a week, Ain will be given a high frequency words list. This is to ensure each Grade 1 student practices pronouncing the words as well as spelling them right. Every Tuesday, the teacher will give a spelling test for the words given on the list for that week. So, I have to go through the words list with Ain and make sure she pronounces the words right. Sometimes, I ask her to spell the words orally.

5). Homework Diary (and checking homework)

Picture 1 - Along's homework diary. She brings home this book everyday.

Picture 2 - See everyday she has homework and must jot down there in the respective entry for parents to check and sign. So, every night I've got to check her homework before signing it. If Ayah is around, he will do that job.

Picture 3 - Sometimes a circular on a certain class activity will be attached to a homework diary.

Picture 4 - Grade 1 students are not given a homework diary but just a Post Box. The teacher will put all homework or any circular for parents in this Post Box folder. Sometimes the kids are not aware of what their teacher puts inside the folder. Well...Grade 1 students, what do you expect. That's why every parents are expected to check this folder everyday without fail.

6). Preparing for once a while class/school activity

Once a while, a circular or two is given out to inform parents of certain activities that are conducted in class or school. For this week, Along and her classmates are invited to wear anything spacey to school as it is the end of a topic Space for her Science class. They may even dress up like an alien if they want to this Thursday (Nov 6). Well...I've no idea at all to help Along come up with a space outfit...Hmmm friends out there, have you any idea? I welcome ideas, please...!


I just don't understand why some people or 'those' people keep complaining that their kids are not given homework, no teacher teaching, can't learn properly because not enough facilities, not up to the expectation and bla...bla...bla...I believe those are all last year's history since it was the school very first year. How can you evaluate a big thing in ONLY one year? Kalau buat research pun tak valid.

Syukur Alhamdulillah...I've never heard of such things since Along and Ain started schooling here in September. What I know is that Along and Ain are happy with the school, the environment, the friends and most of all the teachers. Unless there's a criminal case or a really poor performance in this school, do I have a reason to take them out of here? I as a parent always have to find time to check Along and Ain's books and homework everyday, every night (when 'those' people keep claiming that their kids are not given homework, not up to the so-called 'expectations'...? Hello, are you sure you have checked each and every book of your kid every night?? )

And I am very impressed that Ain's class teacher, Ms Claire, is a masters' holder in education. In Malaysia, a masters holder teach college or university students but here a masters holder is teaching my Grade 1 kid! Isn't that good enough?? Along's class teacher, Ms Kelly, though not a masters holder, is a very experienced teacher with years of experience teaching in a few other countries. So what more should I expect from the school? (Or what MORE should 'those' people expect from the school???!!!)

A lot of activities and meetings with parents have been conducted since the semester started last September. I believe the school is striving hard to be as good as its counterpart in its origin country. There, the school is established and has a good reputation. I believe in the years to come, this school will also get its good name here. Just give them the chance, time and parents' support.

p/s - Probably, I am not good enough to evaluate a school or education. Or maybe I am not the so-called 'elite' people who think that their kids are just too good to be schooled in a certain school. But I'm glad that I am not a 'lalang'. Who am I to judge a school...but excuseeee me, I AM a teacher. Fullstop.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

High School Musical 3 as a reward

As promised, hubby and I brought the kids to watch High School Musical 3 (HSM 3) at Deira City Center. All this while we'd been like 'ignoring' everytime Along hinted to us about HSM 3 and that most of her classmates had watched it. It was supported by Ain everytime Along mentioned about it. Ayah always said to them Nanti Ayah belikan CD ya...Tiket wayang kat sini mahal la 30 inggit, kalau kat Msia 8 inggit je. But since we've promised a reward for their pleasant performance in school, so they deserved to be pleased with what they like...

Friday was a public holiday here in Dubai. A large crowd was expected to be seen at the cinema. There were so many movies playing at the same time. Nasib baik tak termasuk wayang Golmaal Returns (some Hindi or Tamil movie not sure...he he). It was already a long queue when we reached at the ticket counter. Hubby had to spend about half an hour before we managed to get the 7.30pm seats. It wasn't long enough for the three As as they were having a good time at a toys shop nearby.

After having dinner and performing Maghrib payer, we went straight to the cinema. Although Apit's favourite is actually any Disney animated movies, he was as excited as his two sisters. Tak kisah la janji tengok wayang sebab sejak sampai kat Dubai ni belum penah tengok wayang lagi.

Before entering, as usual popcorn and also these Ayah and Along's favourite nachos with cream cheese and very spicy salsa sauce...hmm yummy...

When the movie finished at 9.30pm, we headed to Carrefour for our usual grocery shopping. It was very crowded with people...rimas. At 11.00pm we started queuing up to get a taxi home. It was the longest queue we had experienced here. We only managed to get a taxi at 1.30am!! We reached home at nearly 2.00 am. Thank God, next day was also a holiday.

p/s - What I could say about HSM 3 is that...if it wasn't for Along and Ain, hubby and I wouldn't have chosen to watch this. Hubby showed his boring face most of the time and sometimes almost fallen asleep...hi hi hi. It's not that the movie is not interesting at all but it's just not our taste at this age he he...But I have to admit that the choreography is excellent and the setting is just beautiful. I know I would have chosen this movie as my FIRST on the list movie some 18 or 19 years ago...That was the time when we were at PPP Shah Alam, when New Kids were still On The Block, when we went to watch a movie 'together-gether' with roommates at Subang Parade or REX KL or Cathay KL. Or with ehem...ehem...Now REX or Cathay or NKOTB is already a history.