Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ain's Story (part 2)...Along Got It This Time

1). I brought Ain to Al Raffa Hospital for a second appointment yesterday (29.10.08). Alhamdulillah she's better now although she still feels slightly painful under her navel area. When I wrote the Tuesday entry, I plain forgot that Ain's Mak Long, Mak Ngah and cousins would be reading my blog entry. Forgot to tell them not to worry about Ain. InsyaAllah Ain ok la Mak Long, Mak Ngah...Ha tengok tu Ain dah boleh ketawa, dah boleh jalan, dah boleh main dengan Apit n Along. Tak payah lah bagi tau Atuk n Nenek kat PD dan Atuk n Wan kat Rembau ya. Pegi hospital semalam pun Ain jalan kaki je dengan Ibu, Along n Apit. Ain seronok jalan-jalan waktu petang, tak panas pun.

This Sunday, hubby and I will be taking Ain to Medic Imaging Polyclinic for a scan. Next Wednesday (5.11.08), will be her 3rd appointment with the same paediatrician at Al Raffa Hospital to know the results of the tests on her urine and stool sample. InsyaAllah nothing serious.

2). Last Tuesday (28.10.08) when Ain was on a two-day MC, Along came back from school and excitedly said to me : "Ibu, Along ada surprise untuk Ibu!" Of course I felt curious, "Apa dia?" Once inside the house, Along opened her school bag and take out this certificate...

Whoa..Along was announced Student of the Week at the school assembly that morning!! Syukur alhamdulillah...tercapai juga hajat Along. We know it that she's a strong-willed girl. Seems like Ayah has to think of some kind of reward for her two girls he he. So very elated Along is that she even blogs about it in her own Princess Diary.

3). Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) at Raffes IS was held yesterday and today (29-30.10.08). Since hubby just landed in DXB last night, we made an appointment to come at PTC this morning: Ain at 8.00 am and Along at 8.20 am.

Syukur Alhamdulillah...the comments from Along and Ain's class teachers and specialist teachers (subject teachers) are all very, very pleasant to our ears. It sometimes made me think that...cikgu-cikgu mat salleh ni memang suka cakap yang positif-positif je ke?? Ikhlas ke apa yang diorang cakap ni?? Here, the class teachers purposely lay each pupil's books and classroom work on his/her own respective desks. The class teacher will show them to parents who come. Looking at all our daughters' exercises and classroom work plus both being the Student of the Week, we had no other choice but got to believe what their teachers had reported. We always pray that Along and Ain will keep up the good work.

Seems like Ayah has to think of a double reward for Along and Ain...!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cerita Ain Sakit

Ain was sick yesterday.

I got a call from Raffles IS clinic at 2.00pm. Ain was sent to the school clinic by her teacher and/or teacher assistant for the second time. She said Ain complaining of stomach ache. The nurse suggested to take Ain for a further check up since she didn't show any signs of usual stomache ache or food poisoning. In fact, there was a swelling under her navel and Ain complained it was painful everytime the nurse pressed her fingers on that area.

The nurse asked if I was going to take her home. I said I've no transport and her father's in Iran now. Reluctantly, I had to let Ain take her school bus home. Furthermore, it was almost time to go home at 2.30 pm and I had to have faith in the assistant on the bus to take care of Ain. I had to. Deep down in my heart...kalau kat Msia dah lama ambil kunci kereta, bukan drive tapi terus 'terbang' ke sekolah anak and take her home safely with me or straight to the clinic.

I tried to call hubby in Tehran. After several attempts, couldn't get hold of him. (What has the US done to Iran's telecommunication systems as it is very very bad! Why on earth did I blame the US...? Because I've nobody, nothing else to blame in this frantic moment...) I left hubby a message to return call a.s.a.p. Hubby did. I told him what happened and asked him what to do. He told me once the school bus arrived, ask the bus driver to take Ain and me and Apit to Al Raffa Hospital nearby. (Along had after school activity and would come back late at 4.40pm). Ya la...what other choice do we have?? The cab won't take us as Al Raffa Hospital is just nearby, about a km away from our apartment. I was thinking of walking to the hospital (plan B) but the painful Ain was not in the condition where she could walk that far.

Almost said ok to the school bus idea...but then when Along reached home at 4.30 - 4.40 pm, nobody would be at home. No, no cancel plan C. Had to think of plan D...

Got no other choice. Had to SOS a friend, the nearest good friend I could think of...Moi, yes Moi and her hubby. Moi's motherly instinct could easily sense my anxious, almost breaking-into-tears voice and feelings. Alhamdulillah, her hubby was willing to help and would come and fetch us at 5pm after Along had reached home. After I hung up, eh tiba-tiba je rasa ada air mengalir kat pipi...

While waiting for Along downstairs, I saw Tini. Ohh she came to send Along, Ain and Apit's milo from Malaysia (but tersilap bawak Iman and Ieam's Nesvita instead). Anyway thank you auntie, Along, Ain and Apit said. Pssst...auntie Tini also had another important mission at this New GOLD Souk building...he he. Upon hearing about Ain, she offered to take us to the hospital as she was free that time. Alhamdulillah...I called Moi right away telling her no need to trouble her hubby since God had sent us this ANGEL!

So, after Along had her meal and Tini had her 'mission' accomplished , off we went to Al Raffa Hospital.

The kind Indian paediatrician said it wasn't appendicitis. Nor was it a hernia. (Ain used to undergo a minor operation for hernia in 2006, that was why I was worried it might be hernia again). Since he couldn't tell the actual cause of pain, he had to do urine and stool test on Ain. For that, we have to come again tomorrow (Wednesday). I also have to make an apointment for a scan at Medic Imaging Polyclinic. After given two types of medicine and an MC, we headed home. It was 8.00 pm when we reached home. Walaupun Ain nampak macam dah sihat boleh jalan kaki balik tapi the kind-hearted Auntie Tini was still willing to wait and send us home. Thank you very much, Auntie Tini. You're sooo very nice!!!, Along, Ain and Apit said.

p/s - To those dear friends: Moi and hubby, Jeda and Nor, thank you so much for your concern. To Tini, semoga Allah s.w.t memudahkan segala urusan anda di muka bumi ini kerana telah memudahkan urusan orang yang berada dalam kesusahan...Amin. We feel very much indebted.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Feel Soooo Touched (a dedication to my ex-students in USIM)

I was searching high and low for my other handphone. I found it at last under my pillow on the bed in the master bedroom, not long after Maghrib. Oh my...there were 4 missed calls and a message written :

"Salam Madam..sorry disturb..r u at home? If yes, we want to come.."

The message I received at 10.20 am Dubai time (2.20 pm in Msia) but unfortunately I got to read it only after Maghrib. So, I replied to the sender right away, feeling so much guilty and apologising for not answering the calls and reading the message earlier.

The message came from Fariza, my dear ex-student from USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia) or previously known as KUIM (Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia), Nilai, NS and the calls were from her and her few other friends.

"...yes Fariza, I'm at home but afraid that I'm too far away now."

"Td ktrg 5 keta beraya kat Selayang..ingatkan nak gi umah Madam td..tu yang call2 Madam tp x dapat2"

(What...5 keta??) "Aisey...ralatnya dgr. 5 keta pulak tu. Tq for still remembering me n sudi nak dtg beraya. But I'm no longer in Bangi...," I texted her back.

Fariza was surprised when I said I was no longer in Bangi. I felt so guilty for not informing them. But would I know they wanted to come to my house because we've never met since end of 2006. I didn't even expect that they would still remember me, though Fariza and a few others were still in touch with me once in a blue moon. I taught them Listening and Speaking and, Reading and Writing when they were in their first year in USIM. Now they're all in their third year (am I right...?).

This bunch of students were once timid lots (still there were a few cheerful talkative ones though) but towards the end of the semester I could see their positive improvement. Not to say they were perfectly accurate but they'd become more confident when using English. Well, they had no choice as the medium of instruction in USIM are English and Arabic which I think would create a positive atmosphere for the students to use English more often, if not intensively. Most of them come from religious/Islamic school or colleges. That could be part of the explanation for their shyness especially their class rep, the guy named 'R.....'. See...Madam could still remember hik hik. 'R.....' ni I could say jenis yang tak pandang perempuan bila bercakap (Kecik ati Madam tau, Madam pakai cantik-cantik mengajar, you tak nak pandang pula...ha ha ha). Sorry guy, I'm kidding!

The whole class used to come to my house during raya 2006. It was our open house which coincided with Apit's 2nd birthday (Ibu's 2 days after). Silap la tak ambil gambar beramai-ramai masa tu. Madam could only get these two pics snapped.

That day I, together with hubby and father-in-law, had to fetch them from Stesen Komuter UKM. But today, they were in 5 cars...did you hear that? Whoa...another positive improvement, good he he. Bila nak bawa Madam jalan-jalan naik keta you all?

What I could say at the moment is I really feel so touched...for being remembered, I really didn't expect this. Anyway, thank you so much my dear ex-students. By just receiving your few sms-es and missed calls, it made my day! I really apprecate that. And this entry is especially dedicated to all of you for still remembering this Madam in this faraway desertland. KIT.

p/s - I shall say this again...I may not be a very good teacher, but when I am being remembered it does tell me something.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Entertaining Guests From Malaysia

Today we had guests from Malaysia coming to our house. The threee engineers, Dzulrizal, Ezwan and Iskandar, are hubby's colleagues from SONY Msia who came to Dubai on a week business trip. Since today is their last day here and hubby just came back from Tehran yesterday evening, we invited them to come over for lunch.

After bersilat-ing and 'breakdancing' in the kitchen since morning, these are what I prepared for lunch : masak lemak cili api rebung (sejak rasa macam dah terer masak lauk ni, rasa macam nak buat masak lemak cili api rebung selalu jer ha ha ha...), sambal goreng ikan bilis, sayur campur goreng dan, ayam dan udang BBQ. The guys pulak after almost a week tak merasa masakan Melayu, nampak begitu berselera sekali Alhamdulillah.

Since they'd checked out from the hotel in the afternoon after Friday prayer, they continued packing things in our house...including the many souvenirs bought from Naif. Seems like the baggages have been doubled from the time they landed in DXB a week ago. :) Tu yang sampai keluarkan bathroom weighing scale sebab nak estimate kot-kot ada excess baggage...he he

Before departing, sempat posing jap. Ma'ju and Shiela also came as Iskandar is a brother of Ma'ju's best friend.

In fact, the kind-hearted Ma'ju was the one who sent them off to the airport in his newly bought car...hhmm..Eh KP pun ada. Our Mr KP just standby in case terlebih muatan. Sebelum berangkat, sempat posing lagi kat car park tu buat kenang-kenangan kawan-kawan yang balik ke Malaysia tu.

p/s - Ain sleepover kat rumah Nana (anak Shiela and Ma'ju) hari ni. Pantang dipelawa...Apit nangis nak ikut sama he he tapi Ayah Ibu tak bagi. Kat sini budaya sleepover at friends' houses among small kids is common. The kids here really look forward to having one on weekends. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good and bad news

1). The good news is Ain came back from school yesterday and told me she was announced Student of the Week at Raffles IS school assembly that morning. Along confirmed that. She was given a certificate but wasn't able to show it to me as it was kept by her class teacher, Ms Claire. Probably to be put up on the class or school noticeboard, Along said. Or probably to be kept in her own personal file and later handed to the parents when coming to Parents/Teacher Conference next week. A beam of satisfaction could be seen on her face when I said, "Wahhhh best la Ain!"

Last night, during YM session with her Ayah (in Tehran), she was elatedly proud relating it to her Ayah. Ayah said Ain bangga giler cerita dia dapat Student of the Week award...he he he. It's maybe just a little award but to a small girl like Ain it is really something to boost her motivation. It will give her confidence to do things that she initially thinks she can't.

Actually I myself do not know the criteria taken into consideration in order to be selected as Student of the Week. But I remember Ain telling me a few times especially last week that she's been given stars by teacher/s in school. There was one time when she said she got 10/10! From what I collected and she herself told me she was awarded Student of the Week for behaving in class, being kind to others, sitting properly, being obedient, doing exercises given excellently and neatly, doing extra exercises, and for bringing healthy food from home in the lunchbox as well as sharing the food with friends.

Ayah (through YM) and Ibu told her that she was given the award because teacher/s want her to do better in the future and always be a nice girl. So keep it up. To Along, Ayah and Ibu told her that it's ok if you didn't get Student of the Week award. Maybe next time. Concentrate on the coming term exam as it is more important. Try to score in the exam just like she did when she was in Sek Ren Agama Integrasi, Bandar Baru Bangi. So far Alhamdulillah Along has always made us proud with her academic achievement. We've never failed attending Hari Anugerah Cemerlang ever since she was in kindergarten until she was in Standard 3 to see her being up on the stage to receive one of the best student awards. So, let Ain experience it this time. Along nodded and seemed to understand what we were trying to say. Hope she does the same here. InsyaAllah.

2). My father is not well. His diabetes is getting worse. He'd just been discharged after a few days warded. Patutlah rasa tak sedap hati je semenjak dua menjak ni. I've told hubby a few times nak call Abah but credit VOIPSTUN kitorang dah habis pulak. Hubby pula last week had been busy with SONY exhibition at a hotel here that he had to work till late at night, which he seldom did. So, takda masa nak pegi reload. Bukan boleh reload online kat sini. This week pula, dia ada kat Iran. But I don't blame hubby, I understand.

Nak call pakai handphone too expensive. (Tapi kalau dah emergency, expensive belakang kira). So, bila rasa tak sedap hati terus sms kat Abah tanya kabar. Rupanya memang betul Abah tak sihat. All my sisters and brothers memang berkumpul at my parents' house last week to give moral support. How come nobody informed me? Patutlah lepas solat bila baca doa ibu bapa, a pity look of Abah yang terbayang kat mata. Selalunya masa baca doa tu selalu bayangkan all my four parents and parents-in-law. Tadi Angah baru sms kata Abah dah beransur sihat Alhamdulillah. Mak Abah saja tak nak bagi tau Kamal in Holland and me sebab takut kitorang risau. Kitorang kat sini tak lupa mendoakan dari jauh.

3). We've been telling people we're coming back in July next year. We've been telling friends who ask we're purposely coming back in July not only to see parents, family, the loved ones but also for a certain special occasion. We've been telling friends we're coming back specifically, particularly, purposely in July to join in the supposed-to-be glorious special occasion that makes us feel more thrilled to come back. We plan to buy and bring home many special things from Dubai, not only as souvenirs, but specially for that occasion.

The bad news that we just received last night is that there might be (will be...) no special occasion next year. The special occasion is (might be) off. So sad. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. But heyy we're still coming back to see our beloved parents, family and friends...of course. Can't wait to see them all though not necessarily have to be in July, maybe later, earlier or for raya...

p/s - Jodoh pertemuan, ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. God knows better what's (...or who's) best for you. Be strong ya!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Masak Lemak Cili Api Rebung Dengan Ikan Kembung

For the FIRST time in my life, I cooked masak lemak cili api rebung dengan ikan kembung after almost 12 years I got married.

Sebelum ni mana pernah terfikir nak masak lauk ni sebab nak kena perah santan lagi, tak pandai nak basuh rebung nak hilangkan bau dia, tak pandai buat masak lemak la dan macam-macam alasan lagi yang boleh dicipta. Lagipun apa susah kan...kedai banyak boleh beli kat kedai je. Takpun bila balik kampung PD or Rembau, cakap ngan mak teringin nak makan lauk ni, lauk tu, pastu mak tak sampai ati dengar mesti dia masakkan. Dah berada di perantauan ni haa...baru tau tinggi rendahnya langit ni. Teragak nak makan, semua kena buat sendiri...padan muka aku! No reason, reason anymore...har har har

Furthermore, hubby was around for the whole last week, so masak sedap-sedap la especially hubbys's fave. If hubby goes outstation, tinggal ngan anak-anak I masak simple-simple je.

Kat sini, ada jual rebung dalam tin. In Malaysia I never bothered to find out whether this canned rebung is available or not. Maklum la tak penah masak rebung...Kat Malaysia, selalu jumpa kat pasar jual dalam plastik dan baunya pun lebih kuat dari yang dalam tin tu. Rebung dalm tin tu sebuku besar so, kenalah hiris nipis-nipis sendiri. I guna santan kelapa perah tau! Santan peket ke, santan tin ke, santan ready made ke tak main aah (cheh eksyen...). So, inilah hasilnya. Alhamdulillah hubby suka. Dia bagi 9/10! Ni kalau mak mertuo esey raso ni agak-agak la bule tak dapek 9/10 ni aah...ha ha ha. Memang lah tak boleh challenge yang mak mahupun mak mertuo masak tapi kalau hidangkan lauk masak lemak rebung ni untuk mak mertuo makan kira tak lah malu...hi hi hi

Besides that, I also made BBQed seafood and chicken wings for dinner last night. But I didn't use BBQ pit, just grilled it in the oven. Resepinya...belajar dari Ibu Febrianti. Tu lah hasil kitorang berpiknik Jumaat lepas, dapat belajar resepi baru. Best, memang best resepi BBQ Ibu Febrianti ni. Yang lagi best, salin resepi through YM session...he he. Wanita zaman moden kann...

Bawang merah, bawang putih, jintan manis, jintan putih, serai sikit (yang serai ni I gabungkan idea dari Jeda, tq), cili mesin sikit, garam dan bubuh kicap manis banyak-banyak.

Jintan manis dan jintan putih ni lagi satu...Honestly speaking, I tak penah masak guna jintan-jintan ni sebelum ni. That explains why until now I'm still condused which one is which...cumin and fennel...jintan manis dan jintan putih...Tak kisah la tu tapi orang kata kalau masak guna jintan kena bubuh dua-dua sekali. Oh ya ke? How come I never knew before...? hi hi hi

Lepas tu, perap for at least 2 hours. I mixed all the chicken wings, squids and prawns together in one bowl and marinated them with the blended herbs and onion. Then, I grilled them all in the oven. Tarraaa....

Memang sedap banget resepi Ibu Febrianti ni! So yummilicious that you should try...Thank you so much my friend. The chicken wings were so juicy, the squids and prawns were so tender, all deliciously well-marinated...and the aroma could kill. Hubby gave me the thumbs up for the BBQed seafood and chicken wings as well...another 9/10! he he he...

So, this is our menu for last night's dinner. Tambah satu lagi lauk...kari sardin. Yang ni anak-anak suka. Alhamdulillah kenyang banget...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bercanda Di Pasiran Pantai...Al Mamzar Park

Last Friday, we went for a picnic at Al Mamzar Park, Deira. Five families altogether. Since we left Malaysia four months ago, we'd never had a picnic and stepped our feet on a sandy beach. But today, it materialized. Along, Ain and Apit especially were enjoying themselves. Being at this Al Mamzar Beach somehow made them feel closer to their kampung and Atuk Nenek in Port Dickson.

Mommies, Riri, Nor, Jeda, Moi and yours truly, while preparing for the food and drinks, apalagi sok sek, brok brek, brok brek...

While waiting for their fathers to finish their BBQ session at some designated place nearby, the kids wouldn't want to waste time...

The fathers, Imran, Fazil, Norris and my hubby, supervising all the small kids in the water (konon...hi hi hi) while they themselves having a great time swimming in the sea. Ok sangat le that the mommies could continue with the brok brek session with no disturbance...huh heavennn...hi hi hi. Mahadi couldn't be seen in the pics as he was not really well that day. My hubby and Norris tengah menengok-nengok ikan-ikan kat dalam air tu. Unlike PD beach, the water here is very clear and the beach is very clean and well-maintained.

The makan-makan session...

Nasi lemak, fried meehoon, the BBQed chicken wings, drumsticks, squids and prawns (very delectably unresistable I tell you!! Very well marinated...air tangan Riri Mahadi and Zaida for the chickens). I brought well, what signature dish kek batik marie la plus coleslaw and potato salad air tangan Chef Haza...Nor pula bawa teh tarik...sedaaap...hilang rindu kat teh tarik mamak. Eh lupa nak cakap...kuih koci pun ada.

Adegan-adegan yang ingin anda saksikan : Alaa cute nya Ieam....

Telatah anak-anak...

Gambar-gambar ni semua untuk tatapan Atuk, Nenek, Wan, Tok Wan, mak-mak sedara dan pak-pak sedara kanak-kanak riang ni. Tataplah puas-puas wajah-wajah comel yang dirindui ni...

Atuk-atuk, Nenek, Wan, don't worry ya InsyaAllah we're doing fine here. We miss you so much!!! Nanti balik Rembau, kita mandi kat Pedas Wet World ya Atuk ngan Wan. Kita balik PD, nak mandi kat laut PD lak sambil makan roti canai Motai dengan Atuk Nenek kat pantai Bagan Pinang tu. Nanti la tahun depan ya Atuk-atuk, Nenek dan Wan...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's Wear Pink Today...

Along and Ain were very excited this morning as they can wear their favourite colour pink to go to school today. Raffles IS is having Breast Cancer Awareness Day and therefore invites all students to participate in a pink 'mufti day' (no school uniform) today as they are raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

Students who do so will be asked to donate AED 10 which will be given to cancer research in the UAE. For the ten dirham donation, they will get a pink frosted cupcake which Along, Ain and many other small kids in the world would love so much to eat.

As many of us know, October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). It is an annual international health campaign organised by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into the cause, prevention and cure for breast cancer. The campaign also offers information and supports to those affected by breast cancer as well as providing a platform for breast cancer charities to raise awareness of their work and of the disease. BCAM is also a prime opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection.

Last night I asked Ain : Why do you have to wear pink tomorrow?

She answered : Teacher kata sebab cancer.

I asked again : What cancer? Who got cancer?

Innocently she replied : Haa...tak tauuuu. Tapi teacher kata pakai pink and blue jeans.

(kih kih kih...)

It's probably a bit too early for a seven-year-old to understand what a breast cancer is. But if the school or every organisation around is concerned enough by holding charity events relevant, somehow or rather it will make children curious and if it is held every year, sooner or later the children will understand and develop awareness in them for early detection. If not for they themselves, at least they can help remind their mothers, grandmothers, aunties and big sisters to do self breast exam. At a more advanced level, don't be surprised if your kids may even suggest to you mothers, grandmothers, aunties and sisters to go for a mammography screening for early detection of breast cancer.

Click here for other ways we can celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

p/s - Orang tua-tua kata, melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raya 'Camel Trophy' at Ajman...and Oud Metha

Just like in Malaysia, Malaysians in Dubai seem to be celebrating Eid for a month. We received another open house invitation on Friday Sept 10th and this time it was at Ajman. What's unique about this open house is it is a combination of three hosts: Afandi/Suraya, Kak Sharifah/Abg Mustafa and Kak Faridah/Abg Musa and there were 2 sessions : from 1-4pm and from 4-7pm. So, just imagine the exodus of people coming. It was our first time going to Ajman. So, berkonvoilah 7, 8 kereta sekali. We ols ikut je.

The way to Mr Afandi and Suraya's house was really an interesting adventure in a desert. We could see camels along the way just like we saw buffaloes on our way back to Rembau. Along, Ain and Apit were very excited to see many camels around. Unfortunately, hubby's H50 was not ready to capture any pics as he himself didn't expect to see many many camels along the way. Upon reaching Afandi/Suraya's house, we saw a friend's sedan car stucked in the sand nearby. Some of the men got off the car and gave their helping hands. That's why I said it was like a 'camel trophy' adventure. I whispered to hubby...see we have a GOOD reason to consider getting a SUV or a four wheel drive, no more sedan because we are living in a desert...Alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat juga sampai ke destinasi.

Tengoklah rumah Mr Afandi and Suraya ni memang tengah padang pasir...

Alhamdulillah...kenyang macam-macam makanan dapat makan. Yang paling best, dapat makan mee udang yang mee nya Kak Sharifah buat sendiri...(kalau tak silap la). Maklumla bukan senang nak dapat mee kat sini.

On Saturday, we got another invitation to Moi's house at Oud Metha. Even though not as many people coming as the open house in Ajman, it was more merrier because we had longer quality time to chit-chat. The best thing is we ols ni sekepala, kira boleh sekapal la...especially the five of us as in the last pic on the right tu. Walaupun berlima tapi gempaknya mengalahkan penuh serumah, riuh...bapak-bapaknya pun boleh tahan gak. Anak-anak toksah citer la. These pics can tell...

The kids were also having a great time just like their fathers and mothers...port biasa diorang, dalam bilik.

Thank you to those friends for the invitation, the delicious food served and your hospitality. Terima kasih daun keladi, tahun depan jemput lagi ya. :))

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week Recap - Sunday (5.10.08) to Thursday (9.10.08)

Sunday (5.10.08) - Along and Ain's First Lunchbag To School

The new semester for school kids in Dubai this year started on 1st September which coincidentally fell on the 1st day of Ramadhan. Because of that, I did not need to prepare meals for Along and Ain's lunchbags since both of them were fasting. Alhamdulillah cukup sebulan. They were complaining, "Kalau ada kat Malaysia, mesti Atuk dan Wan dengan Atuk dan Nenek bagi extra duit raya sebab puasa habis". To make it up to it, their father had promised to get them lunchbags of their own choice and a wristwatch each. What are parents for if not to make their children happy...

So, since early Ramadhan everytime we went to Carrefour, they'd been eyeing for the many mostly pink lunchbags. could easily tell girls' taste. And they'd also been observing the kind of food their friends or classmates brought to school. (Maklumlah bukan aje anak-anak mat salleh tu je yang tak puasa, anak-anak Pak Arab tu pun majoriti tak puasa!) When they came back, they reported to me...he he so that, I'd have an idea of the kind of food to prepare for their lunchbags. At least, I was spared the headache of having to think of what food to prepare for their meals in school. So, since today is the first day of school after Ramadhan, Along and Ain excitedly bring their lunchbags to school. I made their favourite french toast with cheese. I also put in their lunchbags some cut apples and a box of fruit juice each. I guess that would be ample for the first day. If not, I'd have to add more menu in their lunchbox the next day...

Monday (6.10.08) - Along Gave Us A Shock Of Our Life!

Along had her first after school activity today. She has signed up for Environment Club and the activity is held every Monday from 2.30-3.30pm. Therefore, instead of taking the usual 2.30pm bus home, she had to take the 4.00 o'clock late bus. However, after she had texted me for the third time since 4.07pm telling the bus had not arrived and she was the only one waiting there, I was panicked. Could she have missed the bus..? I called the 2.30 pm bus driver asking whether he was going back to school to fetch my daughter, he said he was heading home and his shift had finished. I called hubby in Tehran asking him to give a call to the staff from Diamond Lease about the late bus. At that critical moment, I couldn't even find the number of either Diamond Lease nor the school reception counter! The person in-charge said the late bus had left at 4.10pm and according to him, the coordinator for after school activity had made sure that no one was left behind before the bus left!!! . How come?? My daughter texted me at 4.07 pm...meaning she was around before the bus left.

I tried to call Along wanting to tell her to just wait there and not go anywhere but she did not answer even after a few attempts, even from her father in Tehran. I was horribly worried, especially when thinking of girl kidnapping cases in Malaysia! OMG. Hubby's far away in Tehran, my house is far from school and I've no transport to fetch her. I wanted to take a cab but it might take me more than an hour to wait for a cab and reach school, and in that one hour, anything could possibly happen to her. And what if I were already in a cab, she managed to catch a school bus and already on her way home. I wouldn't know since I couldn't get hold of her. I could only leave her a message more than once telling her to please, please, please return call.

After being restless and boiled in a hot soup for nearly an hour, she at last returned my call at 4.50 pm telling she was already on another school bus and on the way home. Phewww...thank God. When Along reached home at around 6.00pm, I hugged her, avoided to even ask her about the incident and let her rest first.

That night, she related to me that her class teacher, Ms Kelly, saw her alone and took her to the reception counter. There, a helper from another school bus took her and brought her home. If only I had a driving licence and own transport, I would have sent and fetched my daughters from school (just like my routine in Malaysia) and did not have to unnecessarily go through all these hassles. Or should I put it this way...if only the Dubai government did not make our life difficult by making it damn difficult to get a driving licence!!! What an experience...

p/s - Syukur Alhamdulillah anakku selamat...

Tuesday (7.10.08) - At Last I Received 2 Raya Cards!

Everyone knows raya e-cards and sms-es are in-trend now although snail mail raya cards still do apply. So, I never expected to get any especially when I'm far from home and people might forget me or may think twice to send raya cards via air mail as it is more costly. This afternoon while waiting for Along and Ain coming back from school, I simply went to the guard's counter and checked if there was any mails for us, so far there was none. I was surprised when I saw two white envelopes with my name on them. I opened them and they were these brown and green raya cards. One from a good friend, Fuzah and another one from my loyal ex-student, Lim Leong Chye. This boy I taught when he was in Form 5 in 2006. We've been in touch ever since he left school although as far as I remember he never talked to me in class! hi hi...Thanks a zillion you two. The raya cards really made my day. I really appreciate it.

p/s - The sentimental value of the snail mail raya cards couldn't just be compared with the latest trend...

Wednesday (8.10.08) - Layan Sindarella the whole day

Thought of updating my blog today but suddenly I just felt like logging on to keep me updated with the latest shows on TV3. I saw Sindarella and only then I remember that I had missed the last few episodes. I had been the fan of this series before leaving for Dubai on June 13th. So, layanlah Sindarella that day from episode 17 or 18 can't remember. Ingat nak tengok sikit-sikit je tapi terrrtengok till the very last episode pulak...! Apalagi esoknya sampai merah-merah mata tak cukup tido sebab layan Sindarella sampai tengah malam...sampai tak cukup tidur. Ha ha ha...tak penah buat keja ni before.

p/s - I enjoyed the most episode 21 which was aired on June 24. So cute and romantic...very the!! (Ingat nak embed the video kat sini, tak reti pulak).

Thursday (9.10.08) - Hubby's coming back from Teheran...

Waiting for my beloved to come back from Tehran...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy World Teachers' Day

I received an sms yesterday from someone I used to work with saying "SELAMAT HARI GURU". I was puzzled as yesterday was 5th Oct and not 16th May, the day we always celebrate in school . I replied to the person sending the message :

"Tq but wonder why you text me SELAMAT HARI GURU? I suppose you mean Selamat Hari Raya...".

"Today is world teachers' day," his short and sweet confident answer surprised me when I was about to think that he had wrongly typed the message.

"Really?? How come I never knew...." I asked back. "Probably because I'm now a domestic engineer, no longer a the moment," my 'nak cover line' answer.

Still not satisfied, I googled World Teachers' Day right away and among the things I found are the themes for each year since it was inaugrated in 1996. The theme for this year 2008 is :

Teachers matter!

Deep inside...shame on me...shame on me...a teacher not knowing a world teachers' day....? Hello my TEACHER friends out come I've never received any world teachers' day greetings from any of you before? Errr...I myself have never greeted any of my TEACHER friends on world teachers' day as I myself was never aware of it...! hi hi

Interestingly, this world teachers' day greeting that I got comes from a non-teacher ex-boss...a corporate figure @ a successful businessman...our kind-hearted YDP PIBG (I was his very dedicated secretary then..he he..before coming to Dubai). Thank you so much 'Mr A'. Thank you for still remembering me in this far far away desertland. I know you may not be reading this (because you do not know) but if you ever accidentally come across this entry of mine, I want you to know that I really appreciate this first time in my life world teachers' day greeting!

p/s - To all my TEACHER friends : Happy (belated) World Teachers' Day!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Special RAYA Entry - 1st Raya (Tue 30.9.08) to 4th Raya (Fri 3.10.08)

Today is Sunday. Hubby was off to Teheran until Thursday, and Along and Ain were off to school this morning after a week raya break. After a long 'blogging' raya break, I'm now before my laptop updating and reporting the glorious raya celebrations here in Dubai.

Yes, we should expect the unexpected...but my first ever raya celebration away from home is really something that I didn't expect. It is one of the most glorious raya celebrations I've ever had. Only pictures could describe how glorious it is...

1st RAYA - To 5 open houses :

1). Raya Breakfast at Abang Fudzail and Kak Azma's House (At Twar 3)

Abang Fudzail (in dark blue baju Melayu) is one of the most respectable Malaysians here in Dubai. He, a famous blogger in Malaysia, and his wife, Dr Azma (in black), are very down to earth couple and we really felt at home being in their house.

2). Pak Payne's House (Arabian Ranches)

Pak Payne (in purple baju Melayu) is another respectable man among Malaysians in Dubai. He's our Penghulu in fact.

3). Kak Jah's House (Mirdiff)

Kak Jah and husband, Abang Azman, are one of our Malaysian seniors in Dubai.

4). Riri's House (Sharjah)

My ever friendly blogger friend Riri (wearing glasses) and husband, Mahadi, also invited us to their house.

5). Zaida/Imran's House (Uptown Mirdiff)

The friendliest couple in Dubai, none other than my colleague Zaida with hubby Imran, also 'opened' their house for us that night.

2nd RAYA :

1). Neighbours came over to our abode. We were glad to have shared our raya special dishes with this group of orang-orang bujang and 'bujang sementara' .

2). At Nor and Fazil's house (Al Nahda)

3). At Abd Karim and Salina's house (Al Mizha)

This is the most grand raya open house in Dubai so far. There were a lot variety of food including Salina's own signature dish laksa Sarawak.

3rd RAYA : Another neighbours came over to our house. Too busy eating and chit-chatting that we forgot to snap pics.

4th RAYA : At Ziela/Haza Hilmy's open house

Our very own open house...

The first entourage, Kak Jah's family arrived

The next rombongan Cik Kiah...Zaida and the gang

Alhamdulillah our cute abode could accomodate these so many people. But we're really sorry friends if there's any inconveniences. We're so delighted to have served you friends. For those who couldn't make it, we still have 3 more weeks before Zulqaedah coming...

Our very last guests that night

Thank you very much friends for making my raya day and all the raya treats and invitations. We also feel very grateful and indebted to those ANGELS who have lent us their helping hands. May Allah bless you all.

p/s - Penat beraya rupanya tapi sangat menyeronokkan. Betul kata sesetengah orang...pengalaman beraya di perantauan is NOT bad at all! Seronok dan meriah. Mungkin lebih meriah dari di tempat sendiri, cuma ibu bapa famili terdekat je yang takda.