Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy World Teachers' Day

I received an sms yesterday from someone I used to work with saying "SELAMAT HARI GURU". I was puzzled as yesterday was 5th Oct and not 16th May, the day we always celebrate in school . I replied to the person sending the message :

"Tq but wonder why you text me SELAMAT HARI GURU? I suppose you mean Selamat Hari Raya...".

"Today is world teachers' day," his short and sweet confident answer surprised me when I was about to think that he had wrongly typed the message.

"Really?? How come I never knew...." I asked back. "Probably because I'm now a domestic engineer, no longer a the moment," my 'nak cover line' answer.

Still not satisfied, I googled World Teachers' Day right away and among the things I found are the themes for each year since it was inaugrated in 1996. The theme for this year 2008 is :

Teachers matter!

Deep inside...shame on me...shame on me...a teacher not knowing a world teachers' day....? Hello my TEACHER friends out come I've never received any world teachers' day greetings from any of you before? Errr...I myself have never greeted any of my TEACHER friends on world teachers' day as I myself was never aware of it...! hi hi

Interestingly, this world teachers' day greeting that I got comes from a non-teacher ex-boss...a corporate figure @ a successful businessman...our kind-hearted YDP PIBG (I was his very dedicated secretary then..he he..before coming to Dubai). Thank you so much 'Mr A'. Thank you for still remembering me in this far far away desertland. I know you may not be reading this (because you do not know) but if you ever accidentally come across this entry of mine, I want you to know that I really appreciate this first time in my life world teachers' day greeting!

p/s - To all my TEACHER friends : Happy (belated) World Teachers' Day!


Wiz said...

I never knew of the exact date but was aware of this day. But like you said we are no more school teachers where kids come rushing in with the greetings. And for me having adults as students, they take teachers for granted, sad but true.

So just between us teachers "Happy Teachers Day" to you too Ziela and to all teachers out there.

domestic engineer said...

If I were still in school pun, the students won't come and greet me on 5 Oct because they (like us) only know 16 May. Even the school in Msia never celebrates as far as I'm concerned. So, logik la ramai cikgu tak tau.

Thanks for the greeting anyway.

huraz said...

Wiz and Ziela, i pun nak join the boat of 'ignorance'. I only knew that some countries celebrate teacher's day on different days when i was teaching in TiS. World teachers day...tak tahu? By the way, why does M'sia celebrate teacher's day on 16th May???

domestic engineer said...

Hi Doll, already in UMS? Tu la kan. Naza takda 2,3 hari ni. Curious nak tau dia nak join 'the boat of ignorance' juga ke tak...hi hi. Frankly speaking, I myself do not know why Msia celebrates Teacher's Day on 16th May...good question, I must find out.

Imeirda said...

Salam Teacher/Madam Ziela,
Everyday is Teacher's Daylah, not only that, Mother's Day pun everyday for we are always blessed on those days. U miss teaching, don't u? Well enjoy the off school days. Anyway 'Happy belated World Teacher's day to u and other teachers.

domestic engineer said...

Tq Jeda for the greeting. Errr did I sound like I miss teaching...?

DaNaSh said...

Salam Ziela...I'm back sebab nak jadi kapten tongkang of ignorance. I didn't have the slightest idea pun ada world class celebration for us...yang 16 mei tu I can help explain...tarikh laporan Razak diterima sebagai dasar pendidikan kebangsaan...ptk beb...PTK!!!!!

domestic engineer said...

Wehh kapten tongkang of ignorance dah balik dah...ha ha ha! Dasat la teacher ni. Anyway, thanks for the explanation of 16 May. Ada harapan dpt IV, IV lagi for the next PTK ni! :)