Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good and bad news

1). The good news is Ain came back from school yesterday and told me she was announced Student of the Week at Raffles IS school assembly that morning. Along confirmed that. She was given a certificate but wasn't able to show it to me as it was kept by her class teacher, Ms Claire. Probably to be put up on the class or school noticeboard, Along said. Or probably to be kept in her own personal file and later handed to the parents when coming to Parents/Teacher Conference next week. A beam of satisfaction could be seen on her face when I said, "Wahhhh best la Ain!"

Last night, during YM session with her Ayah (in Tehran), she was elatedly proud relating it to her Ayah. Ayah said Ain bangga giler cerita dia dapat Student of the Week award...he he he. It's maybe just a little award but to a small girl like Ain it is really something to boost her motivation. It will give her confidence to do things that she initially thinks she can't.

Actually I myself do not know the criteria taken into consideration in order to be selected as Student of the Week. But I remember Ain telling me a few times especially last week that she's been given stars by teacher/s in school. There was one time when she said she got 10/10! From what I collected and she herself told me she was awarded Student of the Week for behaving in class, being kind to others, sitting properly, being obedient, doing exercises given excellently and neatly, doing extra exercises, and for bringing healthy food from home in the lunchbox as well as sharing the food with friends.

Ayah (through YM) and Ibu told her that she was given the award because teacher/s want her to do better in the future and always be a nice girl. So keep it up. To Along, Ayah and Ibu told her that it's ok if you didn't get Student of the Week award. Maybe next time. Concentrate on the coming term exam as it is more important. Try to score in the exam just like she did when she was in Sek Ren Agama Integrasi, Bandar Baru Bangi. So far Alhamdulillah Along has always made us proud with her academic achievement. We've never failed attending Hari Anugerah Cemerlang ever since she was in kindergarten until she was in Standard 3 to see her being up on the stage to receive one of the best student awards. So, let Ain experience it this time. Along nodded and seemed to understand what we were trying to say. Hope she does the same here. InsyaAllah.

2). My father is not well. His diabetes is getting worse. He'd just been discharged after a few days warded. Patutlah rasa tak sedap hati je semenjak dua menjak ni. I've told hubby a few times nak call Abah but credit VOIPSTUN kitorang dah habis pulak. Hubby pula last week had been busy with SONY exhibition at a hotel here that he had to work till late at night, which he seldom did. So, takda masa nak pegi reload. Bukan boleh reload online kat sini. This week pula, dia ada kat Iran. But I don't blame hubby, I understand.

Nak call pakai handphone too expensive. (Tapi kalau dah emergency, expensive belakang kira). So, bila rasa tak sedap hati terus sms kat Abah tanya kabar. Rupanya memang betul Abah tak sihat. All my sisters and brothers memang berkumpul at my parents' house last week to give moral support. How come nobody informed me? Patutlah lepas solat bila baca doa ibu bapa, a pity look of Abah yang terbayang kat mata. Selalunya masa baca doa tu selalu bayangkan all my four parents and parents-in-law. Tadi Angah baru sms kata Abah dah beransur sihat Alhamdulillah. Mak Abah saja tak nak bagi tau Kamal in Holland and me sebab takut kitorang risau. Kitorang kat sini tak lupa mendoakan dari jauh.

3). We've been telling people we're coming back in July next year. We've been telling friends who ask we're purposely coming back in July not only to see parents, family, the loved ones but also for a certain special occasion. We've been telling friends we're coming back specifically, particularly, purposely in July to join in the supposed-to-be glorious special occasion that makes us feel more thrilled to come back. We plan to buy and bring home many special things from Dubai, not only as souvenirs, but specially for that occasion.

The bad news that we just received last night is that there might be (will be...) no special occasion next year. The special occasion is (might be) off. So sad. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. But heyy we're still coming back to see our beloved parents, family and friends...of course. Can't wait to see them all though not necessarily have to be in July, maybe later, earlier or for raya...

p/s - Jodoh pertemuan, ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. God knows better what's (...or who's) best for you. Be strong ya!


Wiz said...

Excited to hear about Ain, yay! you beat the German boy tu.

So you are not coming back July? Tot of having some lemak rebung then. Well maybe for Raya then.

Hope that person stay strong too.

domestic engineer said...

Yeah at last! the moment la and hopes she keeps up.

Eh lemak rebung is still on la Wiz no matter what...hi hi. InsyaAllah.

Hope so he'll be strong enough.

QiStinA's said...

congrats to ain... dulu yasmeen mcm tu gak.. dpt je student of the week pastu student of the month punyelah kecoh... yealah as a parent kite sure banggakan???

domestic engineer said...

Tq. Ye la for small girls like them, it is really something. Kita mesti seronok tengok diorang seronok kan. Kalau zaman kita sekolah dulu ada award camni kan ke best ekk??

DaNaSh said...

Congrats to ain..and congrats to you too..bahagian bringing healthy food to school is your you deserved to get the Mother of the month too...

parents at old age mcm tu la..dekat ke jauh ke sama aje..yg penting kita ingat kat diorang. Ada orang parents depan mata pun buat don't know aje..

Sad to hear about the special occassion.I still remember what it is..x pe la ada hikmah disebaliknya. My cousin pun sama balik dari France ingat nak berlangsung, sekali the guy cabut dgn yg lain. I told her its better this way rather than jadi masa dah berkeluarga nanti.

domestic engineer said...

Tq. Part Mother of the Month tu also tq...he he he. Tak layak pun sbb mother pun ikut mood je.

Mgkn juga pengajaran buat kita semua...sementara parents masih ada jenguk-jenguk lah atau tanya kabar selalu. Doa utk ibu bapa tiap kali lepas solat jgn lupa.

Tu la kan...mgkn ada hikmah di sebaliknya...

huraz said...

Congrates for your girl's success...hope she gets it every week.
Sorry to hear about your dad. Sabar. I know how you feel because i missed my father-in-law too. Kebumi pun tak sempat tengok coz duduk jauh. Anyway as u said, sometimes org depan mata pun tak kisah and ingat kat family. So bagus lagi kita yang jauh but selalu mendoakan our family.

domestic engineer said...

Tq Auntie Doll, Ain kata.

Thanks for your concern. Tu la kan, jauh di mata dekat di hati lg penting.

How's life in KK?

Husniyyah Hanapi said...

Kak Zila & Angah,
Thanx for letting me stay at ur house for nearly 4 months. thanx for many things happened. im working like hell. dont even have time for myself. been working 7 days a week. i hate my life :-(

domestic engineer said...

It's ok Hus, you can continue staying there since it's very convenient for you to go work. We don't mind, really! At least berjaga juga rumah ktrg tu.

Yes, you've got to find time for NEED to.

*Every cloud has a silver lining.

(still hoping for the best for the two of you...)

Imeirda said...

sori la Ain, lambat ucap congrats. auntie lama tak bukak blogs. Good for u and happy for u.

Sorry to hear about ur dad... praying for his fast recovery.

so balik mesia bulan july ke Raya pulak nih? ke kita raya sama2 kat mesia?

domestic engineer said...

Thanks Auntie Zaida. Thanks for the concern. Tak tau lagi la Jeda. Kena tunggu Haza blk Iran adakan 'persidangan meja bulat dulu' he he. Suspense nih...