Saturday, December 13, 2008

Guests From Malaysia

We had guests today, hubby's colleague from SONY Malaysia with wife, who dropped by on their way back from hollidaying in London. They were not long here as they arrived at 2.50 am this morning and left our house at around 3.00 pm the same day. Even though their next flight was scheduled at 3.00 am the next morning, they left early in order to be able to explore and take photos of the city of Dubai and Mall of the Emirates. We really wished we could make a very good tourist guide for the couple this whole day, however, keadaan tak mengizinkan for us at the moment. Luckily, Dubai is nothing new to Mr Abu as he used to come here a few times before for a biztrip.

Since it was still raya haji mood, I served them nasi impit with kuah lodeh, sambal tumis ikan bilis and peanut gravy for breakfast, plus some pancakes and caramel pudding for dessert. However, the breakfast turned out to be lunch as our guests still had jet lag and needed more rest I suppose.

So, this is the peanut gravy which I cooked for the first time in my life (he he...) using my mom's recipe, texted to me by my sis Angah last Eid ul Fitr but only yesterday I got the opportunity to try it. Hubby said ada rasa macam Mak punya. I rasa pun hmm ok gak for a first timer though I still think macam ada yang kurang lagi. Takpa...practice makes perfect.

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