Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Week Summary - Thu (Nov 27) - Wed (Dec 3)

I've not been actively blogging for exactly a week. All my three kids have caught a cold and I've been tirelessly tending them. Here are the updates for the past one week.

Thursday (Nov 27) - Apit Has Caught A Cold This Time

Siannya Apit...he has caught a cold after his two sis got it. Atuk-atuk, Nenek dan Wan mesti kesian tengok muka Apit masa tengah demam ni. Mana taknya...muka dia monyok dan mata kuyu je. All this while he'd been the most active and cheerful of all the three As. Ibu lagi susah hati kalau Apit demam sebab bujang sorang ni susah betul nak makan ubat. Ayah dia je pandai paksa dia makan ubat he he.

Ain went to school today after 4 days being absent. Today she was alone as Along was still having a cold. When she got back, we noticed that she came back without her red school bag. When hubby asked her, she said, beg tinggal kat sekolah kat bus waiting area...

Friday (Nov 28) - To Dubai Outlet Mall

Having a cold doesn't mean we have to stay at home and just lie down in bed. We need some fresh air and an outing would be nice for a good air circulation...that's what hubby said.

So, off we went to Outlet Mall as hubby wanted to get himself a pair of Skechers to replace his most faithful old Skechers that have served him for almost 15 years. He bought that pair when he just arrived in the States in 1993 and is still wearing it till now ! Unlucky for him that he didn't find one that suited him. Instead, Apit got a pair of Skechers to replace his old Nike. We bought that Nike also at this Outlet Mall two weeks after we arrived in Dubai about 6 and a half months ago and now, it's become too small for Apit. Usually, we'd choose to buy inexpensive shoes for our kids because kids are growing very fast. We feel that it's not worth buying for them expensive ones as they can only last for a few months. What a waste. But for the one and only Apit, Ayah doesn't mind...hmm.

Saturday (Nov 29) - To Burjuman

Dubai Shopping Festival has started but we came to this shopping mall just to jalan-jalan cuci mata. Very attractive discounts could be seen here and there but none could attract us as we are aware that this mall houses all international retail brands. We know it's just not 'our place' for shopping he he.

After performing Maghrib prayer at the 'unisex' prayer room, we had dinner at The Noodle House. Just wanted to try because people say there are Malaysian foods here or at least foods that suit Malaysian taste. Yes, it's true. So, we had a taste of curry laksa, tom yam and egg fried rice. Hubby wanted to try Nasi Goreng Kampung because it is his favourite. Looking at the price 40dhs, hubby said...takpa la I pun boleh buat kat rumah. Lagi sedap dari ni. (Mind you 1dhs is almost equal to RM1). Nasib baik food nya boleh tahan sedap especially its dessert Mango Pudding with vanilla ice-cream, rasa worth it la juga paying xxxdhs for our dinner that day.

Afetr dinner, we went Magrudy's bookstore as planned. Along, Ain and Apit bought a story book each. Ibu also got herself another novel yayy. These pics were taken while we were queuing up for a taxi. While Ain and Apit were so engrossed in their reading, Along was fatigued by her flu that she was just sitting there doing nothing which was not her usual acts.

Sunday (Nov 30) - Ain Got Back Her School Bag...he he

Along went to school today although she was still having flu. She had to come as the next day she would be performing Arabic Dance for UAE National Day Asembly at her school. I didn't want her to miss the rehearsal.

Ain came back from school today with her lost red school bag! When I asked her where she found the bag, she replied, Tak tau. Memang ada kat locker tempat beg Ain kat dalam kelas tu. (Bertuah punya budak...)

Monday (Dec 1) - Along Danced A Traditional Arabic Dance at Raffles IS National Day Celeb

Along and Ain joined in the celebration of UAE 37th National Day at her school level. Along took part in the traditional Arabic dance, a very interesting colourful performance . She is the fifth from left.

To see Along performing Arabic dance on youtube, click here.

Ain didn't take part in the performance but she became the girl volunteer from her class to answer some quizzes on UAE. Bravo. She gave the correct answer and was happy rewarded a prize for it.

On this day, all the students had to wear either UAE national costume or an outfit with the colours of UAE national flag - black, white, green and red. Ain put on a green t-shirt, black jeans, white shoes and socks and a red jacket while Along was already in her Arabic dance costume.

(More updates on this in my next entry)

Along's very interesting Arabic dance performance failed to lure Apit to join in the fun. He was just lying on the chairs as he was still having a bad cold. Apit cakap...Apit tak raraat...Syiannya Syayang Apit.

Tuesday (Dec 2) - UAE 37th National Day Celebration

There were lots of activities and interesting programs held in the UAE to celebrate its 37th National Day. But transport has always been our limitation to go here and there. So, we just stayed at home and in the evening walked to Choitram for some grocery.

Wednesday (Dec 3) - Happy To See The Kids Are Recovering

Syukur Alhamdulillah...Along, Ain and Apit are recovering from the seasonal flu now. It's good to see Apit playing power rangers again after a few days this power rangers has been sick.

And Alhamdulillah, sempat juga Ibu khatam 2 novel ni sambil berjaga malam masa seminggu lebih Along, Ain and Apit demam. One English novel and one Malay novel. Am finishing the third one, another English novel just bought at Magrudy.


DaNaSh said...

Good for you...dalam keadaan x sihat pun aktiviti penuh..x le setakat memerap kat rumah....novel??? love story ???? inspirational story??? goofy story??? true story?? what ??? Dah lama x baca novel ni....baca reference book aje kerjanya

iza said...

its nice where we can experience their lives together with them.. apart from that, congrats for being able to finish the novels.. im struggling to manage my reading as well.. nak tanya.. u amik cuti tanpa gaji ek.. if u can share please add me to ur ym list.. :}

drNO said...

interesting week.
i looove reading too.
tp semenjak kecoh dgn bdk2 ni, kurang la sikit aktiviti membaca ni, but still manage to read at least one book a month.

domestic engineer said...

Naza, I nak termuntah dah baca reference books. Since I am enjoying a two-year holiday here, I might as well as catching up with the latest best-selling novels which I seldom have the time for it before.

Since you sooooo love reading reference books, why don't you just consider taking up a master's course? Please...I've had enough of your lame excuses! ha ha ha

domestic engineer said...

Iza, since being a 'domestic engineer' ni, I have more time at hands for reading and of course blogging. Before this, I was just like you kena struggle to finish reading a novel hi hi.

Yup, I'm on unpaid leave. Will add you to YM list soon. :-)

domestic engineer said...

drNO, different people may have different ways of making their days, week or even life interesting. So, this is our way.

You love reading too...err fiction or non-fiction? I assume a doc like you are always busy and yet you do read at least one book a hats off to you!! :-)