Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thurs (Feb 5th) - One Night at Um Al Quwain

After fetching Ain from school and, Along and me from Safa Park, hubby drove us to Uptown Mirdiff. We were to join another two families to go to Palma Beach Resort at Um Al Quwain. At 4.45 pm, we drove in convoy as hubby wasn't sure of the route.

Um Al Quwain is one of the the seven emirates of the UAE. This is the fourth emirate in the UAE that we've travelled to after Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. There are three more emirates that we are yet to explore - Abu Dhabi (the federal capital), Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.
When we reached Palma Beach Resort at around 6.20 pm, it was almost Maghrib.
We'd booked a single room that overloked the sea instead of the resort's swimming pool.

(This particular pic is taken from Channels World of Hotel UAE)

This room which is neatly decorated with an Arabian style is spacious for a family of 2 adults and 3 small children like ours.

That night, about 200 hundred Malaysians, big and small, gathered at this three-bedroom villa rented by several Malaysian families for a BBQ. At least we had some time to kill before gearing up for a big and adventurous event the next morning organised my-UAE Pro - from Malaysians for Malaysians.

I was so tired after joining Along's school activities at Safa Park during the day that I went back to our hotel room early to catch some z's. Furthermore, we had to get up early to catch up on a more exciting thing awaited the next morning.

We woke up early that morning and looked out of our room balcony...what a stunning view! Hubby grabbed his camera and in no time captured this beautiful scenery.

No, we're not in Egypt. Palma Beach Resort, UAQ is a resort hotel with a distinct ancient Egyptian theme. Along, Ain and Apit were so scared to even go near these Pharaoh's big black and golden statues.

We took a few photos that morning right after breakfast and before getting on a boat that would take us to the neighbouring Palm Island.

We'll surely come here again...not only for the peace and tranquility of the place but also because we felt that it was such a waste to spend such a short time at this beautiful resort.


drNO said...

interesting place.
a resort by the sea, always a place of tranquility :)

mother of two said...

wah2.... romantika nyer kakak ngan abg..... :)~

domestic engineer said...

Interesting place indeed, drNO. What's moe interesting is that the beach is like exclusively belong to each hotel room. Meh la datang berantai ke sini...

domestic engineer said...

Shiela, tu baru sikit. Gambar yg lagi romantika d amor belum klua lagi tuh... :-)