Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fri (Feb 6th) - Hang Loose and Kick Back at Island Escapade `09

Everyone seemed to be full of anticipation of the Island Escapade `09 - a family day from Malaysians for Malaysians in the UAE. As early as 7.00 am, Malaysians were seen waiting patiently at the jetty for a boatride to take us all to the neighbouring Palm Island, UAQ. Those who didn't stay overnight at Palma Beach Resort were among the early birds. The guest of honour, our ambassador Dato' Yahya and Consulate General Syed Hasrin, were among those riding the early boat.

While we who were putting up there at the resort taking our own sweet time snapping pictures...

Along, Ain and Apit couldn't wait for the boatride.

Even if it is a 10-15-minute boatride, safety jackets are a must...

Our hotel room seen from the boat. It's like a double-storey townhouse in which the first and second floors are occupied by two different families. What's special here is that each room is allocated an exclusive parking space right in front of the door.

Among the activities...

Reminiscing some 28-29 years ago, I took part in the traditional game galah panjang. It was so exciting although we's not the prize but the fun that matters.

The kids may have never heard of galah panjang, but they were not bad at all. By just listening to the instructions given, they coud understand the game. Along enjoyed playing galah panjang for the first time in her life. Her team got second place.

Knee injury forgotten, hubby took part in champion ball (it's like netball for men). His team also got second place.

Queuing up for food ration for lunch.

It was like our school years when we were all divided into four houses - white, yellow, red and blue - colours of Jalur Gemilang for sure. Penat bermain, rehat kejap sambil tolong Kak L and hubby touched up our house flag - Yellow The Champ.

Sukan, sukan juga, kewajipan sebagai seorang Muslim tetap tidak dilupakan. It was Friday so, the men had their Friday prayer at the beach...a sight that we would never be able to see in Malaysia.

I also took part in medley relay together with 5 other members...the event that saw me accidentally flying like a superman in the sand...(I wonder if anyone's lens managed to capture me in that rare action he he...)...which had caused my team, that almost won, lost in the game.

Sorry friends but I'm proud that it's the sportsmanship of the teamwork that matters most.

Hubby in tug-of-war is nothing new. His team was the champ, the strongest of them all...yeay!!

But, me in the sight that my students would kill to see ha ha ha...!!

Small kids looked so cute in this tug-of-war. Judging from their faces, they were enjoying it including Along.

Prize giving ceremony...except for tug-of-war, Along got 1st prize for dodge ball and medley relay, and 2nd for galah panjang.

Hubby was the champ for tug-of-war

...and 2nd place for champion ball.

Since events for kids below 7 years old were cancelled due to a certain reason, each and every kids from the age of 7 and below got a prize each. Good news for Apit and Ain. Apit was seen queuing up for the prize. So cute he he...

Tired...but satisfied and happy. Ready to go home...anticipating body and muscle aching in one or two more days...hi hi

p/s- Sekalung ucapan tahniah buat semua AJK my-UAE pro terutama kepada Island Escapade Project Director dan semua orang2 kuat my-UAE pro atas kejayaan projek ini. Very well organised!


inahar ali said...

salam ziela..amboi seronoknye u all ek! akak pun dh lama x bersukan nih! mau KO trus semput..hehe!
ziela guna int.explorer ke? lepas ni sila guna mozilla firefox sbb ia lbh canggih & tu dah ketinggalan zaman sbb tu asik kena tendang je klu masuk setengah2 site @ blog..ramai kengkawan lain aritu pun x leh masuk tp lepas diorg tukar ke mozilla..baru la leh masuk blog ziela kena download dulu browser mozilla tu dr websitenye..hrp ziela jelas dgn keterangan akak..amboi sempat bg syarahan la pulak..hehehe!

domestic engineer said...

Klu Kak Inahar semput takpa lagi, Dr kan ada banyak ubat. Terima kasih la atas syarahan yg jelas tu. Patut ni dpt buka pun sbb buka blog guna laptop anak yg mmg guna mozilla. Will try that...thanks.

eiyda said...

Salam k.ziela..
Bestkan main kt pulau ari tu..ladies rumah kuning semua acara masuk tp kalah..hehehe..penat badan hinggakan 3 hari selepas tu kami sefamily semua demam..huhuhu..

QiStinA's said...

salam ziela...amboi seronok sakan yek kat island tu... sesekali cam tu best kan?

domestic engineer said...

Eiyda: Memang best kan...walaupun sume games kita masuk kalah tapi kita menang sorak hi hi hi. Sebab sorakan kita la rumah kuning menang tempat ke 2 overall esp masa husbands kita jd johan tarik tali ha ha ha...

Moi: Sekali sekala memang best camtu...lupa segala masalah ..