Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's Learn & Play at Safa Park

Last Thursday (5th March), Along had a class trip to Safa Park. It wasn't merely an outing or a picnic at the park but it was a fun-filled activity held for all four Grade 4 classes from the south and west campuses of Raffles IS. Four buses took them to the park which was not very far from their school.

Once inside the park, the students and teachers assembled at one of the fields for a briefing before dispersing to their own respective groups that had been assigned to them the day before. There were four very interesting activities carried out by the teachers, and assisted as well as supervised by a few parent volunteers (including myself).

Activity 1: Drawing Burj Dubai - the soon-to-be world's tallest building - conducted by Ms Tiffany

Activity 2: A Walk In The Park conducted by Ms Lee

In this activity, the students were to list down living things and non-living things which they found along the way from the grassy lawn up to the top of the hill. The things that they jotted down would be used for the follow-up written activity. It was such a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of the hill which was landscaped with a man-made cave and waterfall. The breeze was so cool and refreshing in this spring afternoon.

The students, together with teachers and parent volunteers, took a break for meal at 11.00 am.

Activity 3: Petunias Counting conducted by Mr ...... (can't remember his name)

These are Maths and Science activities. In an interesting way, the teacher showed the students a metre stick and told them to make a pace forward that measured a metre. By referring to the petunias square nearby, they were asked to show which one was the width and length. Then, they were instructed to pace from one end to the other end along the width of the petunias square. Once again, they had to pace along the petunias square but this time, they had to count how many rows of white, violet, cream and red petunias altogether. This was followed by pacing along the length of the square and counting how many petunia trees in each row. The students were to jot down the number of rows of petunias and petunias in each row. The addition and multiplication had to be done in order to find out how many petunias altogether in the square.
After that, they were given a microscope each and asked to examine parts of a petunia under the microscope i.e. stigma etc.

Activity 4: Playing Rounders by Mr Tony

This was the activity that Along enjoyed very much. She's liked playing rounders very much ever since she started learning to play it just a few weeks ago. The moment I saw her hitting the ball I knew it she's after her father who played softball in his college years and was the captain of the team. Along got the chance to become the batter twice and managed to make a home run after both hittings. Pics 2 & 4 saw her running wholeheartedly after hitting the ball.

It's a free activity now...

Along (standing at the far left) with Ms Lee and classmates.

With other parent volunteers: (from left) Ms Connie and Ms Kattea (Australian) and Ms Abeer (Egyptian)

It was really fun although a bit tiring. I didn't do much actually, just supervising the students and giving them moral supports. Tiring probably because I had to follow them wherever they went around the big park.

At least I've learned some useful refreshing ideas that I could bring back to carry out with my own students back home.

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