Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Guts Brought Me Here...Sahara Centre

Despite keeping my fingers crossed praying for a speedy recovery of my father, I am aware that our life here has to go on. I cannot just stay at home worrying myself away.

With that in mind, the kids and I made our presence at Sumaiyyah's birthday party held at Adventureland, Sahara Centre last Thursday night. I was bound to turn down the invitation due to my usual reasons. However, Sumaiyyah's mom is a person who does not take "my husband is not around or we have no transportation" as reasons not to give her sincerest invitation to us to join in the fun. Her insistence had made me change my preconception of not going anywhere whenever hubby was not around. Probably it's not too much to say that her sincerest invitation had melted my heart. Furthermore, Sahara Center is a shopping mall and it's easy to get a taxi to and from any shopping malls as compared to other places. That made me confident to go there with my kids especially when hubby had given me a green light through sms.

I'd never been to Sahara Centre before. When I googled Sahara Centre, this pic appeared. Its appealing ambience seems to be welcoming. Moreover, it is a shopping mall and it is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) now!!! ha ha ha...At last, I succumbed to the temptations to go there.

Started operating 7 years ago, who would have believed that it was once standing in the middle of a desert.

This Adventureland is like an indoor Genting Highlands with many thrilling rides and games that children surely can't resist and parents will surely have a hole in their pockets. Most interestingly, it is the largest indoor family entertainment centres not only in UAE but also in the Middle East.
Before heading to this Adventureland, the kids and I looked for a prayer room for our Maghrib prayer because we left the house after Asar around 4.45pm. It took us 45 minutes before we managed to get a taxi because it was peak hour and almost all taxi drivers tried to avoid to go to Sharjah area at that hour due to the heavy traffic jam. Luckily, there was a good samaritan still willing to take us there.

Sumaiyyah with her sweet mommy, Shiela.

After performing Maghrib prayer, we saw a large Toys 'R' Us on the way to the Adventureland. It was just nice as we hadn't bought any birthday present yet for Sumaiyyah. I really didn't know that there's a Toys 'R' Us in UAE. I met a few other friends who were also looking for presents. Then, we headed straight to the room where Sumaiyyah's birthday party was held. This two-year-old cute little Sumaiyyah seemed not to be aware of what was going on around her although it was her party he he he...

Along and Ain were enjoying themselves with other friends in the games carried out even though they looked a bit too shy as they were not used to attending such a birthday party. There were more than 20 children altogether - boys and girls.

Apit and little Sumaiyyah. They are just friends, no gossiping ok...he he

Anak sapakah yang chumel ini...?

After the games and and eating session, the children were released to the castle playground in the adjoining room. Along, Ain and Apit were really making the most of it as their requests to be playing in the castle playground at Berjaya Times Square have always fallen on our deaf ears. I was really happy to see them happy.

Before the party ended, each children was given a voucher and an Adventurecard each. A voucher is for one free ride and the card values 20 dhs which can be used at anytime and reloaded once finished. Woww...thank you soooo much Sumaiyyah, Auntie Shiela and Uncle Ma'ju for giving us all those...Along, Ain and Apit said happily. Since we had to leave early to catch a taxi, I told Along, Ain and Apit that the vouchers and cards could wait until their father came home from Egypt.

So, as promised that Saturday hubby drove us to Sahara Centre with a mission - to let Along, Ain and Apit use up all the vouchers and cards to enjoy the rides, and also to let Ibu window shopping and/or shopping (hari tu tak sempat kann kena balik awal he he...the 40%, 50% discounts seolah memanggil-manggil...).

There was this acrobatic show or something...

Along had wanted so much to ride this Adventure Train and asked Ibu to accompany her since Ain didn't dare to and Apit was too small. At last, her father was on the train with her. (Jangan cakap orang, sebenarnya Ibu pun tak berani hi hi...)

Ain and Apit wanted to have a ride on this Barnstormer. It looked okay and not frightening, so all the five of us enjoyed it. Real fun...should try it again next time.

Along asked permission to try this Tidal Wave and a roller coaster. Hohoho...tada berani ooo...So, no Tidal Wave and no roller coaster.

After all the fun rides, Along, Ain and Apit tried their hands at some of the games. Here, we don't have to slot in coins, instead just swipe the Adventurecard at the machines. Ayah also tried his shooting skills he he...

We had so much fun at Sahara Centre. Ayah and Ibu were really happy to see Along, Ain and Apit overjoyed with the joyous experience there. (Ibu could be happier if could grab a pair or two pairs of blouse or shoes...too bad tak sempat juga ish...).


Wiz said...

Woooooohoooooooooo best nya ziela. Aunty wiz kalu dapat naik rides2 tu memang tak hingat dunia. Boleh Aunty teman Along next time k, if Aunty wiz ever gets there.

ANd lepas Aunty wiz teman Along, AUnty wiz kena teman Mama plaks sebab dia pun takut nak jalan2 and beli sorang2 baju2 and blouse2 itieewu he he he he.

domestic engineer said...

Ooo Auntie Wiz kalau sampai kat Adventureland tu agaknya tak nak balik juga macam Along, Ain n Apit kot...he he. So now you have an answer on how you can get away from your cakey business (busy) once in a while by spending time at Genting Highlands or maybe the nearest one, Berjaya Times Square. Since you're so adventurous, unlike me, I'm sure you'll enjoy it tremendously. Kesian Along...she's so adventurous but not the parents hi hi...

Tntg part shopping baju tu, nanti la Apit dah start sekolah bln 9 ni, Ibu has more free time to go shopping alone...ha ha ha..

inahar ali said...

salam ziela...thanx jengah blog umah ziela ni pon best gak..mcm2 citer ada..seronok u!

DaNaSh said...

oooooo..pasai tu la lama senyap ni..sibuk beradventure yea...

mother of two said...

kak ziela,
kalau dtg boleh ring sy. kita gether2 shopping... anak2 kiter tgglkan dlm castle tu:)~

eiyda said...

Kak ziela..
budak2 memang seronok sakan la hari tu kann..ibu2 ni kalo dapat pegi shopping baru la seronok..hehehe..sementara DSF ni sale gila2..kena pergi jangan tak pergi..;)

domestic engineer said...

Salam Inahar (akak ke...?),

Thanks sebab jengah balas. :-) Banana muffin tu belum dapat buat lagi la. Alasan...susah nak cari pisang emas kat sini he he, pisang lain boleh ke?

Macam-macam citer kat sini sebab I'm not as good as you at baking or cooking. Klu tak, boleh gak tempek resepi banyak2 kat sini. Thanks, glad if you like it. :-)

domestic engineer said...

Naza: Yes and no he he. Actually I've been a zombie la lately, layan novels la. Just finished one and going to start another.

Shiela: Pasal part shopping tu you memang creative, tak syak lagi! ha ha ha...What a great idea leaving the kids in the castle playground while the moms doing the shopping...

Eiyda: Tu la kan...apa la makna DSF ni kalau tak Ibu-ibu pegi memeriahkannya kan...kann...hi hi