Monday, February 09, 2009

10 Revealing Facts About Me...

It's not the award that matters, it's the thought that counts. Thanks so much Eiyda, I really appreciate this. Yup, it has long been overdue but the things I have to answer here are still and will always be they are all about me and no one but me.

The rules to receiving this award are:
1. Copy the badge above and paste it in your blog.
2. Tell about the person who has given you this award. In my case, it's Eiyda, the sweet lovely lady whose Laksam Kelate can never resist!
3. As this award will never be given for free, you will have to state 10 hobbies/facts about you.
4. You have to choose 10 other blogger friends to be the next recipients for this award and name them here.
5. Visit the next recipients' blogs and tell them that they have been tagged.
In this case, this tag has long been overdue therefore, I don't intend to pass it to my other blogger friends. I'm afraid it stops here.

So now I'm disclosing myself in these 10 facts about me...

1). I'm the sixth out of eight siblings.
2). Was born in Malacca, my kampung is Kuala Sg Baru, Malacca, grew up and parents' house in Port Dickson, N.S. Never have a Kelantanese blood but on several occasions, people have somehow mistaken me as a Kelantanese at first sight...Pasir Mas to be specific! (still wondering why...???)
3). Wear a wrist watch on my right wrist. My other half also wears a watch on his right wrist...what a coincidence!
4). Dislike perfume. The smell can cause me a headache. Luckily, my other half can't stand perfume too! I would choose baby cologne for it has a soft and sweet smell.
5). Love reading novels both in English and BM. For BM novels, I would choose the female authors however, for English novels, the male authors will always be my choice.
6). Cannot live without teh tarik. By 10.00 am, if I still haven't got teh tarik, I tend to get a headache he he...It started as just a joke amongst my colleagues but has somehow turned out to be a reality.
7). Am always impressed with bilinguists - individuals who are EQUALLY proficient in both English and BM and can do code switching very smoothly. Paling bengang dengan orang Melayu yang tak 'gheti' cakap Melayu.
8). My main weakness - procrastination.
9). Choose to be quiet when angry or upset.
10). May sometimes appear to be a reserved person when in a small group conversation. I'm more an observer than a talker. However, I will turn out to be a 'somewhat different person' when talking in front of an audience. I like public speaking. Always took parts in competitions that have something to do with public speaking when I was in a primary school as well as in a secondary school. (Tapi tak la terrer mana pun. Achievement paling tinggi pun setakat tempat ke 3 peringkat negeri je). At this age, no more public speaking competitions for me. At this age, I've always liked the honour of being the MC/emcee. By profession, English has always been my medium but being the MC, so far it has always been in BM (and pantun has always been my trademark). Seems like now in Dubai I have to 'bersara sekejap' from this thing that I so enjoy doing. I really like it when I can charm an audience with my words.
p/s - Eiyda, sorry for not being able to do the other tag as it is about new year, and I feel it's too late for me already.


inahar ali said...

salam ziela...ooh..owg melaka yek! tp klu tgk wajah tu mmg ada ciri2 owg owg pasir mas..hehe! mungkin sebab ziela putih melepak cam keturunan nik-nik tu!

eiyda said...

Thanks for doing the tag..interesting facts had been revealed!
Waahh pasni boleh suruh k.ziela jadi MC kalo ada aper2 function nanti ye..;)

domestic engineer said...

Ya ke ada iras org Kelantan? Entahla Kak Ina he he...Apa-apa pun saya lebih kepada orang Melaka dari orang Negori sebab saya tak berapa pandai cakap loghat Negori. PD area memang tak cakap loghat Negori sgt.

domestic engineer said...

Ala Eiyda terlupa nak msk blog Eiyda bg tau dah byr utang tag he he...Apa2 pun Eiyda dah find out sendiri, ok la tu kan. Interesting facts ke...ha ha ha. It's just about me and myself.