Monday, August 18, 2008

17.8.08 (Sun) - The Unbelievable School Bus Fee In Dubai

Hubby went to Raffles IS this morning before going to his office at SONY Gulf, Jebel Ali. As promised, he got to settle the kids' school bus forms and fee at Raffles.

Considering the high cost of living in Dubai, we had mentally prepared to hear the unthinkable amount of school bus fee required for an IS. Being the second most expensive IS in Dubai (as claimed by the people here), it's no wonder that Raffles IS school bus fee would spawn a large hole in the parents' pocket. I just wished that what I heard over the phone when I first called the person in-charge from Diamond Lease Transport a few days ago was not true. If 'that' was the amount of school bus fee per year, we couldn't imagine the amount of money we'd got to pay for the bus deposit today for our two kids. Notwithstanding the worry, hubby just brought whatever amount of money that we had reserved in our little pocket.

At home keeping my fingers crossed, I got a call from hubby at 10.00 am telling that we need not pay any deposit if the sponsor covers the kids' school bus fee. The bus company would just fax the invoice to the sponsor (in this case SONY) and in return, the sponsor would have to pay in one lump sum. Whewww...what a relief! Alhamdulillah...thanks to Allah as that amount of money reserved can be used for other school necessities such as books and extra curricular activities that we've got to pay on our own.

The bus fees for several schools in Dubai have increased starting June 1, 2008. Although Raffles IS is not one of the nine schools highlighted, the coverage of this could be read here and here.

A few hours after hubby reached his office, he received the faxed invoice stating 16000 dhs for two kids per year...OMG!!!

p/s - Syukur Alhamdulillah...

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