Monday, August 18, 2008

16.8.08 (Sat) - Another Walkathon In The Maddening Heat Of Dubai

We went to Jumeirah Beach Centre to collect Along and Ain's tailored school long pants from Zaks. We also bought one more piece of blouse for Along and Ain. Since the school is about to open in another two weeks' time, there were many parents in Zaks this time compared to the last time we went two weeks ago.

Hubby was busy choosing the right size for Along and Ain's school blouse with the help of the shop assistant wearing a red Zaks T-shirt.

Along and Ain were trying on their newly tailored maroon long pants.
Apit was there accompanying Along and Ain trying their new school pants in the fitting room. He hasn't started schooling yet but wanted to share the excitement with his two sisters.
Seeing Apit so excited, Ayah bought one maroon kindergarten-sized P.E t-shirt for him too.

Posing jap kat depan kolam before having lunch at the kids' favourite BK.

Eeii...apa la Mak-mak Arab ni bagak-bagak sangat. Orang nak beli abaya pun takda saiz. Nasib baik...jimat duit.

From Jumeirah Beach Centre, we headed to Mercato Mall nearby. We guessed it wasn't very far because we could see it from here. So, we decided to walk. At least, the hassle of getting a taxi could be spared. Ayah and Apit walked side by side, Dubai Zoo is the white-fenced area on the right. The smell...eerrgghhh...

After about half an hour walking "in the oven", we finally reached Mercato Mall. Seeing Ain and Apit's frowning face, can imagine how iritated they were this time. The strong boy, Apit, was almost defeated in this 41 degree C Dubai 'walkathon'.

Aaahhh...this was what we needed after a 'long' journey "in the oven". It felt so good sitting in the air-conditioned lobby...Could see Ain smiling now.

We had the opprotunity to watch this great performance. It's part of the almost come-to-the-end DSS (Dubai Summar Surprises) held at shopping malls around Dubai.

Me and the kids, so engrossed watching the performance.

Grocery shopping after that...


mother of two said...

bilala hummer nak sampai nie...:)

domestic engineer said...

Hummer tu kiter import dari negeri pasir berdengung...tu yang lambat sampai tu...ha ha ha. Sabau je la kan.