Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 31 (13.7.08 Sun) - Interesting Facts About DUBAI...After A MONTH!

"Ibu, hari ni 13hb, genap sebulan kita kat Dubai kan?", out of nowhere Along asked. I suddenly remembered "Yup". It's been a month since we first stepped foot in this desert land. When we arrived, it was scorching summer in Dubai and it still is until end of August. Never mind the scorching hot climate because summer in Dubai means Dubai Summer Sale! (Yes!!)

From a month observation, what I could say about this cosmopolitan city are :

1) as I said in my previous blog entry, you will encounter more Indians and Pinoys here than you do the Arabs. There are times when you feel like you're not even in an Arab land.

2) Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. Due to that, it is a mere lie that coming to Dubai you must wear hijab (headscarf). (also Islam Hadhari...??)

3) If you want to have the feel of actually being in an Arab land, go to the government offices or big shopping malls where you will see many Arabs!

4) You don't have to know Arabic in order to survive in Dubai. English is the first language here.

5) Despite the extremely hot weather out there, we are wearing sweaters in our house! Most (I think all) houses are air-conditioned. It's colder in the daylight than at night where people would reduce the temperature.

5) Most importantly, you needn't be so sceptical about food or food products here as compared to in our own Islam Hadhari country, Malaysia! Starbucks Coffee is a normal hang out place for the Arabs, who are always clad in their traditional Muslim white robe and turban (the men) and in black arbaya (the women). It's convincing enough for us to have a cup of Caffe Latte or Capuchino in that cafe here as compared to in the same famous-brand cafe in Malaysia. We'll only be extra careful when we see food products that are made in Phillipines.

- Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri...

East West, home's the best.

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