Thursday, July 17, 2008

14.7.08 (Mon) - Girls For Sale...?? (In Ain's Drawing)

After a week of no assignment in Teheran, hubby had to go back there since yesterday. It's Monday and the 'domestic engineer' 'comes on duty' as usual...dealing with the kids.

This is my seven-year old Ain's drawing. She loves drawing. Nothing could be more precious to her than getting a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. She draws girl or princess characters most of the time.

What is this that she's drawing? Girls' headshots with dirhams on top of each picture...Girls for sale?? (recalling a scene from P.Ramlee's movie, Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk, depicting a man selling a slave by mentioning this dirhams.

A close-up of Ain's drawing. Can see the girl on the left written 500 dhs and the one on the right 10 dhs only...that cheap?

When I asked her, why are you selling these girls?? She said, "Ni bukan jual. Ni harga gunting rambut la!" Ha ha ha...Aku tertipu oleh kekreatifannya! Kih kih kih

Why do I love drawing a princess? Becauseee I always dream of being a princesssss.....! Mak Long Yati sometimes called me 'Princess'. I like!


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