Saturday, July 26, 2008

15.7.08 - 24.7.08 (Tue - Thursday)

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN for exactly 10 days! Husniyyah's wondering...? I've had lots of ideas to write but like I told you 'kabel putuihhhh...' serious! (shall explain no further...he he).

So, as promised more happening things will come (hopefully)...and more pics of the kids that you miss (I'll try my best, Husniyyah). Anyway, a recap for the last 10 days :

15.7.08 (Tue) - Along way busy trying on the new handset with camera that Ayah had just bought for her. Almost everything that she and her siblings did she wanted to capture. She even recorded Apit singing in the bathroom!

16.7.08 (Wed) - Seeing Along busy taking photos with her new handphone, my three and a half-year old Apit would also want to show his hidden skill. "Ibu, Ibu, Apit nak ambik gambar Ibu. Ibu senyum eh" Dia pegang handphone Ibu terbalik , so this is the result...he took his own photo and he didn't even notice it! he he he...cute je.

17.7.08 (Thu) - Ayah couldn't afford to buy a 'Blackberry' for himself...yet. But, he bought this blackberry for us. Along, Ain and Apit love this fruit but it's a bit sour.

18.7.08 (Fri) - Hubby just arrived from Teheran this morning at 2.30 am. This was our breakfast this morning roti sosej with cheese (on the left) and without cheese on the right. The kids love the one with cheese. Anything cheesy would tempt Along and Ain for sure.

19.7.08 (Sat) - When hubby's around, God knows how happy I am though for only two days before he has to go back to Teheran again tomorrow.

20.7.08 (Sunday) - Yang ditunggu-tunggu telah pun tiba. Curious to see what's inside...

Hmmm...rempah kari ayam, daging dan ikan, rempah kurma, rempah rendang, rempah sup bunjut, rempah sup ikan, asam keping, asam jiwa dan semestinya belacan.

Thank you Angah. May Allah bless you and family. She also included 6 Malay story books and 3 magazines for Along, Ain and Apit. Not forgetting 3 mags for me too.

As soon as they saw the books in the parcel, without wasting time Along, Ain and Apit took one each and got engrossed with it. Tengok Along masih dalam telekung lagi tu lepas solat Maghrib...tak nyempat-nyempat.

21.7.08 (Mon) - Ooo...mentang-mentang masih summer break, sampai pukul 3 pagi layan buku cerita...takpa, takpa kasi chance sampai hujung bulan Ogos.

22.7.08 (Tue) - As usual when Ayah is not around working in Teheran, Apit and Ain like to help Ibu doing the housework. But, usually Ibu has to resweep and remop after that...he he. Better something than nothing at all, right. Ayah balik nanti jangan kata Ibu dera pula ya Sayang.

23.7.08 (Wed) - Alahai rajinnya anak bujang sorang...Apit loves to help Ibu washing the dishes, at least washing his own favourite mug with the picture of a car on it. He would cry and even yell if Ibu said no when he wanted to wash his mug. Ok I let him but...not to mention the pool of water collected on the floor! Aarrgghh...

24.7.08 (Thu) - After one and a half month living in Dubai, I noticed that eating a very soft Gardenia is really heavennnn...Here, you could never find bread as soft as Gardenia! And, the eggs...I have the schemata that white eggs are duck eggs but NO here. The chicken eggs are white! What kind of chicken that lay this kind of eggs, I wonder. What I know is that they are grade A or AA eggs. Don't care as long as they are healthy and the kids love them.

p/s - Hubby's coming back from Iran today...yeay...yeay!!

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