Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 30 (12.7.08 Sat) - Burjuman...Here We Come

What an enormous breathtaking mall! Unfortunately, I was not able to enclose any photo of this Starhill-like mall because I dared not snap any pic of it. A friend who was busy taking pictures of this shopping mall was frustrated by a security guard who asked him to delete all the pics taken. For a security reason...? I wouldn't know.

Saja je ambil gambar kat tepi kolam ni konon-kononnya nak ambil gambar family. Sebenarnya, nak curi-curi ambil gambar latar belakang dalam Burjuman.

What I know is that Burjuman is the biggest shopping mall in Burdubai (one of the districts in Dubai, where we're living). We'd wanted to come here since two weeks ago but only today it did materialize. People say it's like Starhill in KL but I've never been to Starhill so, don't ask me for any comparison between the two.

However, when I saw the Arabs with a handful of four, five bags of Gucci, Dunhill, Burberry, Guess Kids, (and ntah hapa-hapa brand yang tak reti nak sebut), then I knew what it meant!

One fact in Dubai, you'll encounter Indians and Pinoys more often than you do the Arabs. If you want to see more Arabs, go to big shopping malls like this! I bet I could see even more Arabs at Wafi (much bigger and more happening) and Mall of the Emirates (the biggest in Dubai...wait till I come!).

Kalaulah Ayahku banyak duit macam Pak-pak Arab tuh...!

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