Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 29 (11.7.08 Fri) - 'Pertandingan Sape Pandai Masak...' at Al-Attar Escala (The New Gold Souk)

A 'cooking competition' Sape Paling Pandai Masak was held at Al-Attar Escala (The New Gold Souk) recently. Here are the perticipants with their cooking:

Kak Ina cooked Fried Meat (masak apa tah, tak dapat dikenal pasti) and the handsome but graceful Aidid turned up with his supeb Pecal and Gulai Lemak Udang. Mas came with her Sambal Sardin and Laila, the host, came up with her lavish Tomyam and Ikan Tilapia Masak Sweet Sour, not forgetting a pot of rice.

Me, he he, with my mixed vegie plus a pot of rice to back up the host's rice. My dear hubby, who didn't want to be missed in the 'cooking competition', cooked his favourite Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api.

There were also desserts: Kak Ina brought her home made yummy delicious chocolate cake and Kuih Buah Melaka @ Ondeh-ondeh (mak mertuo seyy kek Rombau panggil kuih kelopung). As I love desserts, I cooked my favourite Bubur Kacang (kalau ado durian tak pun lompuk, sodaaap ehhh...)

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