Monday, September 08, 2008

7.8.08 (Sun) - Geng Bas Sekolah Learning French

After I posted the entry about my kids going to school by bus, their Mak Long nicknamed them Geng Bas Sekolah in her own entry. Yeah I thought I'd just refer to them as Geng Bas Sekolah (GBS) as the kids used to be the avid fan of GBS on Astro Ceria before we left for Dubai.

Even the style they posed reminds me of GBS (esp Ain).

Coming back to school today, Along excitedly related to me that she had French class today. She taught her donno-anything-about-French mom "Comment tu t'appelles" means 'What is your name' and answer "Je m'appelle..." which she translated 'My name is...'. Complete with the pronunciation and intonation, we had a short French class that day where my eldest daughter became the French teacher.

Last Thursday, Along and Ain were given a form to choose from three foreign languages they wanted to take up - French, German and Mandarin. I simply suggested to her to consider Mandarin as she can definitely apply it back home. However, she had already made up her mind that she was keen on learning French. Only then their father and I realised that she's already a 10-year-old girl who's able to choose her preference on things like this.

Her seven-year-old sis, Ain, is also interested in learning French. Ain said, "Ain pun nak pilih French macam Along. Nanti Ain boleh cakap French dengan kawan kelas Ain, Oliver". (Oliver is a French boy in her class...handsome! ).

So, we the parents let them choose what they like as long as they're happy with their decision and it benefits them in the end.

Along also told me her teacher brought them to a computer class this morning and asked them to google anything on space and printed it out. Ain was brought by her Islamic Studies teacher to Islamic Lab. The look on their faces showed that they enjoyed the out-of-classroom lessons so much. And they are also looking forward to having their Music class in Music Room as they can see many musical instruments there. I wonder if all pupils prefer the out-of-classroom lessons since being in a classrom from early morning to afternoon or evening (other than going to the science or KH labs) would bore pupils to death.


tini said...

bestnye... i dengar criter pun macam nak pi sekolah balik. Your GBS will definitely enjoy their time at school ..

domestic engineer said...

So far so good. Hopefully they do.

mother of two said...

encem ker. buat menantu boleh tu..huhuhuhu

domestic engineer said...

Ha ha ha...omak dio lak yang lobih.