Saturday, September 27, 2008

27th Day of Iftar

As we are approaching the end of Ramadhan, the more we feel like having just a simple iftar. Our menu for today is hubby's signature dish, spaghetti. Our kids all love it. Frankly speaking, I cannot cook spaghetti as good as hubby. Hubby's spaghetti has always been 'menu wajib' for our open house, apart from my Puding Jagung Koktail Berkuah and Kek Batik Marie, and also the must-eat menu among his friends who come. Besides spaghetti, I made cucur udang and ox tail soup to add to our simple iftar. Then Along asked for kuih gelang @ keria, since we had sweet potato in the kitchen, so there goes kuih gelang.

To tell the truth, actually I've never made kuih gelang before. However, my parents used to sell kuih-muih when I was small and the kuih-making sight is nothing new to me. I guess that explains why I seem to know how to make certain kuih when I myself have never kept the recipe. When we were small, we also never missed having evening tea and there must've been some kuih made for us either by my mother, my eldest sis or even my father. I'm proud to tell that my father is also good at making kuih. In fact, I learned how to make gula sira for kuih keria from my father. My father used to tell "...tunggu sampai gula tu 'kanting', baru masukkan kuih". Until now, I've never bothered to look up the meaning of the word 'kanting' from Kamus Dewan, but what I know that's the word my father used to use when describing gula sira for kuih gelang.

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