Sunday, August 10, 2008

8.8.08 (Fri) - Baking A Chocolate Cake For Hubby

Hubby just came back from Lahore yesterday. As promised, the kids and I baked a chocolate cake for their beloved Ayah.

Ini kek masak seniri taw. Tuh ambil gambar dalam oven lagi. Beli-beli tak main sebab kat Dubai mahal ooo...

After 40 minutes, this is it...Yang tompok-tompok putih tu tepung yg tabur kat baking pan...melekat lak. Tak kisah. Kena toppingnya nanti, tak nampak la.

Apit n Ain merengek-rengek tak sabar nak makan. They complaining, "Ibu dah lama tak buat chocolate cake". Tak sempat bubuh topping, dah selamat...!

Apit couldn't wait to sing 'Epi debay Ayah...Epi debay Ayah...'

p/s - Wiz, the cake may not be as superb and delectable as yours but ok la kot ah...for a domestic engineer...he he he.

In the evening, Ayah brought Apit to have his first ever hair cut in his life...!

He was always afraid of 'Uncle Itam' but this time he really behaved like one fine gentleman. Good boy.

15 Dhs...the cheapest! Kat Dubai ni, potong rambut ke potong kapla...??


wizcakes said...

Ziela, a cake is not just about the deco, more importantly it's about what's tucked inside. It's something that you made with the fondest thoughts of your hubby and that made it super extra special, so special, no wizcakes could ever compete with. Great job Ziela!

domestic engineer said...

Thank you Wiz for the encouragement! hubby and kids love it. Satu hari selesai...! Gonna make another soon.