Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I shall never ever forget 4th of August every year...it's hubby's birthday. Today's my darling's birthday!!! Apit's singing...Ebi debay Ayah...ebi debay Ayah...

But Ayah is not around. Hubby darling is in Lahore, Pakistan and will only be back this Wednesday.

For the first time in nearly 12 years (since we got married), hubby has to celebrate his birthday alone. Ciannya Cayang. You celebrate je la ngan Tanikawa ya Yang...he he he. Hubby's going outstation to Pakistan together with that Japanese boss of his.

Here are some past year's pics that might be reminiscent to the time we celebrated your birthday together.

Happy birthday...2005

Happy birthday...2006

Don't worry Sayang. I would bake for you your favourite chocolate cake once you come back from Lahore. The kids can't wait to help fudging and decorating the cake like they did before as can be seen in the pic below.

Along and Ain really love arranging smarties on the cake to form 'H' that stands for Ayah's name. Apit can't wait to smudge his mouth with chocolate fudge...I can't wait to see you back in one piece...he he

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mother of two said...

saya pun nak wish jugak..

dari saya kawan baru darling punyer wife:)