Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu - Circular To Parents

Along and Ain brought home this circular from school yesterday. Although this is just a note of caution following the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and US, this pandemic disease has got victims in other countries as well such as Germany, Costa Rica and Austria.

There's no such case reported in Dubai yet but it's quite alarming when this circular issued by the school where our children are studying, especially when there are just too many expats in Dubai including those coming from the two badly infected countries.

Just want to share the important piece of information contained in the circular:

We parents can help educate our own children by taking these common sense measures to prevent against infection, as stated in the circular:
* Wash your hands frequently.
* Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue upon coughing and sneezing.
* Use appropriate gel or foam hand sanitizers (As most food courts at many Dubai shopping malls do not provide sinks to wash hands, I'll make sure that I will not forget to include hand sanitizer in my handbag apart from lipstick and lip gloss).
* Stay away from work or public transportation if unwell.
* Avoid people who might be infected.

The circular also warns parents of a suspected case of Meningitis in a Dubai school (though not yet confirmed by the Health Authority). So, those parents whose child has not received a vaccine for the past 3 years are advised to get their child a Meningitis A&C shot.

As far as I know, none of my children has taken such an injection because if I'm not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong), in Malaysia it is not included in the series of injections that a baby has to get especially in a government clinic. Now I understand why some private clinics, while we were in Malaysia, strongly advised parents to get their baby an injection for Meningitis.

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