Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Little Pink Riding Hoods

My Little Pink Riding Hoods
went out to the woods
not much equipped with a hopeful basket of cookie
nor had they an overwhelming jar of jelly.
My Little Pink Riding Hoods
went out to the woods
started out humbly with almost nothing
the evil wolf notwithstanding,
they do come back with a little something...

My Little Pink Riding Hood,
in her Grade 1 CW class assembly,
presented 'My Aunt Came Back' song
about countries in the world, if not wrong
with her classmates all along.

Being the lead
whom Ms Claire had carefully picked,
my Little Pink Riding Hood stood up
and threw a question to open up
"Who remembers the countries that we sang about?"
which the audience responded with no doubt.

My Little Pink Riding Hood
on two separate days, came back from the wood
with a basket full of these sweeeeeeeeeet cookies in her hood...


My other Little Pink Riding Hood
on another day came back from the wood
with no basket of cookie
but a jar of jolly sweeeeeeeeeet jelly...

My other Little Pink Riding Hood
in her Grade 4 LF class assembly
was one of the three main characters
in a skit on 'Heroes and Legends' though no actors.

Tomorrow (26th Feb)
at the International Festival of Literature
my other Little Pink Riding Hood
will be staging 'Little Red Riding Hood'
with seven other girls in the same wood.
One girl becomes the wolf and another girl plays the little red riding hood
but my other Little Pink Riding Hood
with the rest five who Ms Lee considers good
will be reciting the poem 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

So, come over tomorrow
with no gloom or sorrow
to this International Fringe Festival thingy
that will be held at Dubai Festival City.
We always say
to our Little Pink Riding Hoods
never forget to say
thank you Allah whenever you pray.

May our Little Pink Riding Hoods
live happily ever after. Amiin.
The end.

-domestic engineer in da house
Dubai, UAE
25th Feb '09 (5.21 am)

p/s- Atuk, Wan, Atuk Salih dan nenek selalu tanya camana Along dan Ain sekolah kat sini? Macam ni la...Along dan Ain suka sekolah kat sini. Kalau Ayah dan Ibu balik nanti, Along dan Ain nak terus sekolah kat sini, boleh tak?


DaNaSh said...

lla...i never know little red riding hood can be this cute, this talented, this awesome....i want a little red riding hood of my own, just like yours...mommy red riding hood. You have done a good job...COngratulations..DG44 plus your red riding hoods success....insyallah..don't forget HIM and HE'll bestow you with great immense success

domestic engineer said...

They do what they like to do and because Teacher asks them to do. Alhamdulillah they have interests in what they're doing so far. Thanks Naza.

p/s - Sebenarnya mlm sblm tu I minum Pearl Cafe kacip fatimah, pastu terus tak ngantuk, tak boleh tido sampai Subuh. Tu yg terpikir mcm2 esp tntg Along pny presentation Little Red Riding Hood tu. Tetiba je dtg idea nak tulis Little Pink Riding Hoods pulak...

DaNaSh said...

ehhh..your chat box dah tak de ke??? nak tanya pasai benda yang nak diemailkan tu..mana nye...

ni melanggar arahan pantang ni...gatal tangan ziela, nak balas your comment..susah betui la bila suka pok pek pok pek ni kan...

huraz said...

Salam Ziela... banyak has been happening to you kan? I dah nearly a month tak 'melawat' you. Apit jatuh lah, birthday party and the latest your little red riding hood.

domestic engineer said...

Naza, I dah padamkan chat box tu sbb banyak sgt spam mengarut2 yg masuk. Tu yg malas nak buat chat box lagi tu. I br emailkan 'benda' tu Naza. Thanks.

Salam Doll, ya la you pun dah lama tenggelam timbul. Kesian you mesti busy giler kat KK tu kan. Anyway, busy, busy juga but do enjoy your life yaa...Do the best in your job.

Wiz said...

Little pink riding hoods, You did so good!

Congratulations from aunty wooz he he he.

Proud of you both plus mommy and daddy too.

domestic engineer said...

Thank you Auntie Wiz! We're always trying to improve ourselves Auntie. Pray for us k.