Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fine Fun Friday

We started our Friday morning at Mirdiff Park. It has become a weekly activity for Malaysians in UAE to come here for recreations. Here, they come to play volleyball or tennis, and the kids would choose soccer. (Hubby's in that green and yellow T-shirt).

The mothers can spend time jogging or simply accompanying their kids at the children playground. This was my first time coming here (and second time for hubby). We'd wanted to come here to join the activities long before this but just couldn't do so. Alhamdulillah, it did materialise today. Along, Ain and Apit were having fun at this playground.

Not to forget, there's also another interesting activity going on here among Malaysians every Friday. Don't be surprised if you find the selling of nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, nasi goreng kampung, mee goreng and karipap here he he...So, we had a delicious brunch of nasi kerabu and karipap that day, the homemade recipe from one cek mek molek Kelate Mas, delicious of course...Along tak cukup satu nasi kerabu...sedaap giler Along kata he he. Since the nasi kerabu sedap giler, it finished before I could snap the picture of it. Next week probably will take photo of it (Mas, buat lagi nasi kerabu, pleaseee...) :-)

Sambil makan nasi kerabu sedap Mas tu dan bersembang-sembang, banyak pula kapal terbang yang dok melintas atas kepala. This park is near to Dubai International Airport. Managed to capture the pic of this Emirates latest edition of AirBus A380. I wish I can fly in this two-storey airplane (err tapi kapal terbang 2 tingkat ni terbang ke Malaysia ke tak..).

The same Friday evening, we attended a farewel makan-makan event for a Malaysian who's coming back for good. The gathering was held at a Malaysian senior's house at At Twar 3 - can be said as a 'favourite' hang out place for any makan-makan gathering here.

While the mothers were busy in the kitchen, the men performed Maghrib prayer.

I brought bread pudding to complement much, much more delicious Malaysian delicacies served - nasi ayam, nasi tomato with dalca gravy and masak ayam merah, laksa asam and a few other desserts - all homemade ones. The nasi ayam, nasi tomato and laksa asam can jual one, I tell you...hi hi..

The video session followed the eating session. We were full that night Alhamdulillah...but still we were packed with the leftover food. Thank you daun keladi... :-)


haniffah said...

Eh! nampak lazat juadah yang terhidang. E-mel kepada akak resipi bread pudding tuh.

domestic engineer said...

Hi Kak Haniffah! Welcome...Saya takda email Akak la. Nanti saya tempek je resepi ni kat blog saya. Akak copy paste je k. :-)

DaNaSh said...

nasi peberet..yummy

domestic engineer said...

My family's favourite too, Naza. It seems that in Dubai we get to eat nasi kerabu more often than in Msia he he...interesting kan.