Thursday, September 18, 2008

16.9.08 (Tue) - A Kitten On A Tree...


While watching tv, Along told me that Ain cried in school. I asked why. Along said Ain was stuck on the slide at the playground in front of her class and didn't know how to get down. That happened this morning when the kids just arrived in school. While waiting for class to start, she played at the playground.

Suddenly, Along saw Ain crying on the slide. Once reaching up, she only realised that the slide was too high and she was too scared to slide down. Along asked Ain to come down but she said no. Her sis went to find Ain's teacher, Ms Claire, and informed her that Ain was stuck up on the slide and didn't know how to get down.

Since Ms Claire was wearing a long skirt that day, she couldn't climb up and helped Ain. It was another Grade 1 teacher, Ms Eimear, who was wearing pants had to climb up and got Ain down. Her teacher told her that the slide was actually meant for Grade 4 - 6 students and not Grade 1.

I couldn't help laughing when Along relating the incident to me. I was imagining a kitten climbing up on a tree and didn't know how to get down...har har har!!

p/s - Nasib baik Teacher tak tarik balik the stars given the day before...hi hi hi.


Wiz said...

Kira bukan stuck la, just that she was too afraid to slide down? Funny la Ain. Kalau kat sini mesti teacher dah jerit2, turuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Tak turun kenaaaaaaaaaaaa! ha ha ha. Kat sana mesti teacher concerned je tanya "Are you alright Darling? kan kan ziela. Jeles I. I pun nak teacher mcm tu tau!

DaNaSh said...

la...i had the same problem like ain tpi bukan kat slide...apa ke nama benda yg melengkung yng kita panjat from one end to another tu ???? Masa tu darjah 4..mula2 panjat ok bila sampai tang tengah x leh nak gerak kaki...x nangisla malu coz ramai best friend lari balik rumah panggil my late father to come to the rescue...ade le stuck about 20 minutes....kah kah kah

domestic engineer said...

Bukan cikgu aje yang jerit Wiz, entah2 kita pun akan jerit kat anak "turuuuunnnnnn!" kalau depan mata kita...he he he.

Hek eleh pun ada experience like this ke? ha ha ha...!! I can picture it...hi hi hi!