Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10.9.08 (Wed) - Earthquake in Iran...Hubby in Tehran. OMG!

Hubby was off to Tehran again since last Monday (8.9.08) for his 13th biztrip there and will only be back on the coming Monday (15.9.08). Lucky enough I have kids around. Otherwise, I couldn't imagine myself breaking fast (iftar) alone. Alas, this is the first time ever since we got married we've been away from each other during fasting month. I've never imagined before having to break fast without hubby around but really this is not what he chooses to have. His work commitment I have to understand.

I just started cooking for iftar when a friend YMed to me this news - UAE Hit By Tremors After Iran Earthquake. Thank you Mem. Among the places in UAE affected is our own area Bur Dubai. I YMed back to Mem telling I didn't notice or feel any tremors just now. She replied the same.

Then, I read an email from my uae group telling about the same news - tremors in UAE. Some Malaysians here telling that they could feel it at their areas. I reread the email and only then I realized that UAE could feel the tremors because there was an earthquake in IRAN at around 3.00 pm...IRAN! OMG! My hubby's in Iran...

Leaving my hot frying wok in the kitchen, I called hubby there and then. He answered, Alhamdulillah. Guess what...if I didn't call him, he wouldn't even know there was an earthquake in Iran!! Hubby told me if UAE could feel the tremors, the earthquake must be somewhere nearer to it which is the southern part of Iran but Tehran is in the far northern part. Phewwww...what a relief.

This map confirms it :

p/s - Syukur Alhamdulillah.


DaNaSh said...

That must be a real heart dropping moment for you...Syukur nothing happen...earthquake is very alien to us Malaysian...masa tsunami tu aje yg dpt merasa sekali.

Anonymous said...

I pernah experienced earthquacke kat Lumut. All of us were sleeping in the holiday apartment when suddenly the bed was swaying. My husband went "will you stop moving the bed!" I turned and said, I did not!!! then we both looked at each other and feared for some exorcist scenes. Got up and looked out and it seemed that the light poles on the street outside our window pun bergoyang sakan.

Grabbed the kids, went out pulled our parents from the bed and rushed out. The tremor could be felt for a good 15 minutes.

All of us in our pyjamas and other tourists in their pyjamas congregated kat parking lot for an hour. Takut nak naik masuk bilik balik lepas tu.

domestic engineer said...

Yes Naza and Wiz, earthquake is very alien in Malaysia. But at least some of us could experience the tremors during tsunami a few years ago.

Can I say you are 'lucky' to have experienced it Wiz?? I've never...he he.