Sunday, August 03, 2008

30.7.08 (Wed) - Isra' Mikraj Off Day

It's Isra' Mikraj today. When the public sectors in Dubai are having their off day tomorrow (Thursday), hubby's SONY Gulf is having theirs today. So, we took this opportunity to go grocery shopping at our usual place Carrefour. Carrefour at Deira City Centre here is like Apit's favourite Carrefour Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Along, Ain and Apit with their new sling bags bought at Carrefour.

Ibu pun dapat gak beg baru. Tak dapat beg Prada atau Gucci, dapat beg Carrefour 9 hinggit 9 posen pun jadik la...Ok what?

A foodcourt at Deira City Centre.

Along and Ain had their favourite cabonara pasta at Pizza Hut, Apit and Ayah had a burger and fries, Ibu had Tandoori Chicken with rice. We also tried New York Fries...hhmmm...not bad.

As we don't have our own transport (yet!), as usual we had to patiently queue up to get a taxi. There was a long queue. It reminded us of the time when we had to queue up for SKS bus at Puduraya or Terminal One Seremban. Long queu but moving, so there's no worry of not getting a taxi home.


Wiz said...

A trip to Carrefour or Tesco or Giant is always therepeutic for me and the kids. In fact those are their only jalan2 trips. We dont go elsewhere except to do grocery shopping here. So everytime we do get to hop on our yellow refrigerator and cruise out, Carrefour Tesco and Giant la yang akan kaya.

But mesti best to never doubt when food is concerned there kan? All Halal?

WAN HURANI said...

Nice to read your blog and see u and yr family... was wondering who is Nor azilah. Finally can put a face to the name. - doll/wan,tesl

domestic engineer said...

Wiz, not all but majority halal. As I said, for the Pinoys food we have to be extra careful.

Kalau kat Msia, kitorang slalu mengkayakan Carrefour Alamanda (8 mins from home), kat sini lak mengkayakan Carrefour Deira tuh. Tak kisah la janji bahagia...he he

domestic engineer said...

Salam Doll,

It's a pleasure to meet you in my blog! Tq for reading. Laa...tak sangka lak you tak ingat. Memang I dulu pun not the 'kecoh-kecoh' type...he he tapi tu dulu kannn...

No wonder la you never replied to any of my postings in withhonours, when others did! You must be frowning your forehead nak ingatkan sape la budak ni gaknya...hi hi hi

Anyway, nice meeting you here!