Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2.8.08 (Sat) - The Kids' School Uniform At Jumeirah Beach Centre

As planned, our destination for today is Jumeirah Beach Centre. Not going to the beach...who in his or her right mind would go to the beach in this scorching summer! We went there to buy Along and Ain's school uniforms.

Upon reaching, we headed to Zaks as only Zaks's selling school uniforms for Raffles IS. There are other branches of Zaks such as at Deira City Centre but the one at Deira sells school uniforms for other IS.

Ain and Along's school uniforms are in this Zaks' plastic bag, not yet washed.

What attracted me to capture this photo is because the bus/taxi stop is not only glass-walled and roofed, but most interestingly it is air-conditioned!

There's also a certain button inside the bus stop for you to push upon seeing a bus coming. The light coming out from the bus stop roof will alert the bus driver. So, you don't have to burn yourself under the scorching sun in order to hail the bus. Smart isn't it? This is the thing I think we'd surely miss when coming back to Malaysia.

What makes all children excited when the school is about to reopen is not the eagerness to go to school! Instead, they are very excited to have almost everything new, from school uniforms, school shoes, school bags, food and water containers as well as stationery. Isn't there a pahala granted to parents who please their children...?

Whatever we bought for Along and Ain, we also bought for Apit. Otherwise, ada yang akan berguling kat lantai kedai tak nak balik nanti!

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