Friday, August 29, 2008

29.8.08 (Fri) - Saffron...A Souvenir From Hubby

The moment I'm writing this, I am actually waiting for my darling hubby to come back from Tehran. He's about to be boarding on Emirates which will be touching down at DXB at 6.35 am this morning. It's only a one and a half hour flight from IKA.

I never expect anything from him other than a safe journey he's taking. But coming back from his biztrip in Tehran last week, he bought this for me which I appreciate so much.

It's saffron...familiar enough? Saffron consists of stigmas plucked from the saffron crocus flower below. The flower is beautiful, isn't it?

Saffron crocuses flowering in a garden in Osaka Prefecture (大阪府), Kansai, Honshū, Japan.

The first time I heard about saffron was a few years back when my parents brought this home from Mecca. Since it's quite expensive, I guess my parents just bought a bottle or a small box which they later divided a little amount to each of us in the family. I remember my parents said it's very good and healthy. How to use? Just take a few strands, soak them in lukewarm water and drink. Give it to your kids to drink everyday because it's very good for children. So I did because I believe that whatever my parents said must be the truth and nothing but the truth. I seemed to do it for only a few weeks and after that the saffron was like forgotten and still left in my kitchen cabinet. Until now it's kept untouched in the kitchen in my house in Bangi.

Hubby's frequent biztrips to Tehran seem to open his eyes again about this precious saffron. The rice he eats in Tehran is always yellowish in colour because it is added with saffron. Sometimes the chicken or beef dishes are also added with it. There is no wonder since Iran is the world's largest producer of saffron, accounting for over half the total harvest. Hubby said it doesn't have any special taste but somehow the rice or dishes with saffron in it tastes extraordinarily delicious. Hhmm...I'm so curious to try. Hubby was lucky to get to know more about saffron from his new acquaintances. His Iranian friend gave him these tips:

Take a few strands of saffron and soak them in lukewarm water (about 1/5 of a cup).

After a few minutes, pour the saffron water into your just cooked still hot rice. Then, it's ready to eat. The taste it yourself.

Emails we received from friends are also telling good things about saffron. Some say that it is worth trying to put saffron in baby's milk as it is very good for babies. Some even say it is potent therefore, it's not only very good for the husbands but very good for the wives too! that why my hubby brought it for me?? he he he

Curiosity kills the cat huh. So, you may google it yourself here.

p/s - When I come back, I'd surely take back the saffron that I left in my kitchen cabinet that mak and abah bought for us a few years ago and bring it back to Dubai. I will.


DaNaSh said...

salam ziela..dah boleh bukak dah ur comment box...potent x potent, u'll be the test subject la....jgan mare..

Effa Mas said...

Hey Ziela,

I saw on tv saffron tu sedap if added to pallella kan? But i can only say je lah hehe.


domestic engineer said...

I'll be the test subject huh? Har har har. Balik nanti I bisik-bisik ngan you how effective it is..

domestic engineer said...

Hi Kak Mas!
Glad to hear from you! InsyaAllah balik nanti ada rezeki I souvenirkan untuk you ya. Tak cukup, Jeda bawa balik some more. KIT.

mother of two said...

safron ajer?? iranian flying carpet tak angkut sekali..:)

domestic engineer said...

Flying carpet tu baru kirim. Nak lawan you punya magic carpet...hi hi hi.

rumahriri said...

saffron untuk masak nasi ?, boleh try ni .... lama dah I dok tertarik tengok saffron diaorg jual ... gatal nak membeli .... hehehehe ... thanks for sharing Ziela .... :)

domestic engineer said...

Yes Riri, you simple as that. Want to see the results, I'll be the test subject...he he

Boss Dom_Engr said...

I thought Turkey was the largest saffron producer.....mana satu yang betul ni?

domestic engineer said...

Have you googled the link? You should.

Eza said...

Hi Ziela,
From what I know, saffron is considered the most expensive spice in the world... I watched this on "The roads of spices" on TV3, early this year.. Your R lucky to try it!!