Thursday, August 14, 2008

13.8.08 (Wed) - Who Said A Housewife Cannot Get a P.J.K...?

I was awoken this morning by an sms alert from my father in Malaysia. The sms written "Along akan terima PJK pada 21.8.08 dpd DYMM N.Sembilan". What...? Fully awakened this time, I read the message once again. My eldest sister is getting a P.J.K (Pingat Jasa Kebaktian) next Friday from Yamtuan Besar Negeri Sembilan...wahhh.

My 47 year-old Along is the first from left together with my mother and her four daughters. The girl in pink is my eldest daughter.

Being a humble housewife, my Along is an active home entrepreneur in frozen cakes. Lucky enough for her to have settled down in Port Dickson as several hotels in PD are her regular clients, apart from family members, relatives, neighbours and friends.

All this while, when we went back to Port Dickson we'd surely bring back to Bangi a handful of kuih-muih Melayu such as curry puffs, doughnuts, pau, samosa, kuih koci, cucur badak, apam, lepat pisang, popia, fried dim sum and even murtabak. An easy job for me huh everytime the kids and the kids' father want to eat any of those kuih. I would just defrost it for a while and fry or steam it. But now in Dubai, I have to learn to make all those kuihs from zero... Oh tidak...!

This picture taken during our outing at Taman Botani, Putrajaya in 2006. Along in maroon baju kurung. She was once a 'ratu kebaya' at her workplace during her maiden years. sister like sister ha ha ha.(perasan jap...sukati I la kannn)

Since all her kids are big already (the youngest is 11 and the eldest son in UMS), that eldest sis of mine has actively involved herself in LPWI at her place. It's some women society or organisation but I'm not very sure of what it stands for but will find out soon. Mind you...she's not a politician ok!

Her homemade frozen cakes business used to be the headline in one of the columns in Utusan Malaysia sometime last year. In that article, I remember her saying her husband is her number one moral supporter and she inherits all this kuih-muih baking skills from our mother. Our mother used to sell kuih-muih when we were small.

Congratulations Along from your youngest sis, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew from far far away the never never land...We're really proud of you!

p/s - Apsal ahh bakat buat kuih my mother tu tak menurun pun kat I?? I buat jemput-jemput pun kadang-kadang tak jadi...chehh...


DaNaSh said...

Congratulations on behalf of your sis. Bab2 memasak kuih ni yang I lemah, no talent...or to be more precise, too lazy to find the talent .I nak tunggu bila WIZ pula dapat PJK for her cupcakes..

Mem Aluya said...

Laaa... ingatkan Along Lina yang dapat PJK. Kukikuki.

domestic engineer said...

Thank you on behalf of my sis. Talent is gifted, no need to find, right. Who knows Naza we're gifted with some other talent...hidden one??

domestic engineer said...

Along Lina gelak kah kah kah...! If my daughter yang dapat PJK melampau...lawan tokey...