Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First Arrival In Dubai

I landed in Dubai at 3.15am (local time) or 7.15am Malaysian time. 35 minutes earlier than the time arrival stated. About 100 metres walking out of the plane, the five of us Laila (Amin's wife), Along, Ain, Apit and me were greeted by a 'marhabah' (an assistant hired by Sony) to assist and guide us to the visa counter, baggage claim and lastly to Marhabah office waiting for hubby to fetch us.
At the baggage claim conveyer, two strong men (also hired by Sony) helped us with all the big bags and Laila's many boxes. Without the two men, I just couldn't imagine myself and Along had to carry all the four big bags and one box ourselves..! This is actually the biggest worry of my parents and parents in law. Alhamdulillah...with the help of the 'marhabah' and the men, everything went very smoothly and in less than an hour, everything was settled. Instead of being waited, we had to wait for hubby for about 20 minutes. They (my hubby and Laila's hubby) didn't expect that we would be ready that early.
The 'marhabah' took me to the money changer to get dirhams to pay one of the porters (15 dhs). The other one was free. When hubby came, after the hugs and kisses, then my life in Dubai will start...

Sempat posing upon arrival at 4.30 am in front of our apartment Al-Attar Escala (The New Gold Souk)

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