Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27.7.08 (Sunday) - No Durian Orchard Trip This Year...sob...sob...

Starting from this year (and probably the next two or three more years), there's no more durian orchard trip for me and my family...which means no luscious durian kampung for us in Dubai this year...huwaaaaaa. To imaginarily fulfill my crave for the king of the fruit and the wonderful trip to the orchard, I could just replay our last year's durian harvest...........

This durian orchard belongs to my mother-in-law's family which is located further in a jungle in Rembau, N.Sembilan. Since my parents-in-law are the nearest to the orchard, they are the ones who always help manage the orchard. Furthermore, my green-fingers father-in-law is a very hardworking Minangkabau man.

My father-in-law even built a small hut for the family especially the grandkids to rest. Since this was Apit's (he was two then) first trip to the hilly durian orchard, the climbing up might've been slightly arduous for him that he might want to take a break before his intriguing durian harvest started. Hubby and my mom-in-law were also there accompanying Apit

Yeay...yeay!! Apit's first durian for the day...and his life ever!

Wow...darling hubby got a lot!! He was so strong carrying the whole basket by himself...I like! hi hi hi

"Yess...I got it, I got it!!", Ain said.

Suddenly, the jungle-awakening scream heard that made everyone panicked. Heyy...what happened???

Leeches got into my sock!!! Huwaaa...!!!

My father-in-law pushing a trolley full of durians down the trail.

Satisfactorily happy after getting the harvest of the day.

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